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    Please remember that Hammons is a senior and his backup Haas is sophomore. They were going up against 2 true freshman and a rarely used true sophomore. Very few, if any, teams will be able to match up against Purdue's size. I like our chances in Lincoln on March 1. We all knew this was going to be a tough stretch of games. The team overall played very well. Shields getting into foul trouble and Purdue shooting 7-12 from the 3 was the difference in the game. The lessons that Jacobson and Morrow have learned this season will make them really good for us next season. I really like the press that we have been running as of late. It's been very effective. Benny Parker and Tai Webster are night and day better from last season. McVeigh is going to be a lot of trouble for teams to handle once he gets a bit stronger. We are not very good at running the zone and our defense, overall, has been very up and down this season. Help defense is a matter of communication and teams that don't consistently run it can struggle especially with younger players. We still have a chance to come out of this 4 game stretch winning 2 games if we beat Maryland on Wednesday which is about as good as we could have hoped for.
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    Let's play nine.

    I'm tired of the "next six" rut. Of the remaining nine games in the regular season, I think the team has a legitimate shot at winning seven We would have to play at our highest level though and if we don't bring our "A" game or get any injuries we could also lose all of them. I think if we play Maryland or Purdue a hundred times this year we will lose all hundred. Point guards who can get into the lane and decently sized centers have killed us. Otherwise I am happy with the team's progress and effort this year.
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    The Purdue guy taking the ball out on the play Shields got his 5th foul took a full step to his left before he threw the ball in. Should have been traveling before Shields even picked up the foul.
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    School that gave me a free ride when they were in the XII: 68 School that rejected me when they were on the ACC and further thought I was female: 76 But please prove me wrong! (Yay for a Charles Nelson Reilly answer.)
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    Kent said the same thing that the timeout wouldn't save them from a10 second call. the refs blew that call. I also,think that the bench called the timeout, which they can't do this year unless it is a dead ball correct? Also I think they reset the shot clock to 30 if I remember correctly. I think that was a total SNAFU all around.
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    Natalie Romeo now #1 in the country for three field goals made
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    sporting black uni's for rutgers....

    Saw some of the highlights from the game v. Rutgers. MAN! Those black uniforms are sharp! Hopefully they will get to wear them at home sometime.
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    I think Hammond will play a valuable role for us down the road coming off the bench.
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    I was there for that one too. Tom Baack says he talked to Cazzie Russel years later and Cazzie called it the most embarasing loss of his career. Michigan was ranked # 1.
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    I read some of the Spartans' internet commentary right after we beat them. All the talk was about how they needed to recruit guys that were quicker and can stretch the floor, since our small/athletic lineup ran circles around their tall/bruising lineup. I thought that was a misplaced comment on their part, just like I find your comment misplaced. Any time you have such a clash of styles, the losing side's fans seem to want to emulate the other team.
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    That would be alright if teams that have our similar size didn't either stick with them (Minnesota lost by 4 to Purdue) or beat them (Illinois won by 14). The keys were missing 3's, Shields in foul trouble, and them hitting 3's from guys who don't normally make them.
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    Hare gets my vote. My father and I were there. Hare's shot came off the rebound of his jump shot. He hustled in and got the rebound but had to shoot it ala a backwards Rick Barry free throw from three feet away. It rattled around and rolled in right at the gun. Yes they fired blanks to signal the end of games. We were in the top row of the coliseum and you could barely see the court due to the smoke from all the fans smoking. Those were the days!
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    I thought the effort was good throughout the game. We can find things here & there that we could have done better, but this loss is squarely on the coaches. This team gave their all today but the coaches' inability to find someone to provide not only size, but strength, is why we got beat. A common theme, I know, but I actually felt bad for the team today - they did all they could do but asking them to hold up against that size/strength is borderline unfair.
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    Another big killer was Shields only playing 23 minutes. During his 23 minutes, he scored 16 points on 9 shots.
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    Hey, hey, hey... one game at a time! Oh, wait.........
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    I liked the zone today, maybe should have busted that out earlier than we did. We get one more shot at these guys at the vault. Let's get'em then.
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    On the plus side, I didn't hear any, "just like football", chants
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    No way. Of course he matured and so forth, but he was a flat out stud in college.
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    HB, Jamel White
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    Looking ahead (don't get mad, bro)

    I agree NO EXCUSES, for not having a big guy. Miles needs to step back and look and say "what are We doing wrong that we can't get one". For example who showing a big guy around campus when they visit? Maybe need to change that!
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    Eliminate Tyronne Blue, he didn't stay all 4 yrs.
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