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    Nat bleeding all over and they don't pay any attention. Lots of holding and elbows being thrown. I'm about ready to scream at a ref
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    Looks like the refs had a long week as well
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    Must have been a rough finals week
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    Big, slender man probs

    AND a ginger.
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    WBB: Game #10 vs Northern Arizona

    yes. a bit surprised they didn't set an earlier time for today's game. the time has arrived. after today, the "Big O" will be joining the huskers. best of luck to the volleyball squad!!! GBR!
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    Oh, IW blows out St. John's and Coach Miles is there to help.
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    The debate continues

    2. Discussing the starting lineup, I feel Miles needs to reshuffle a few things. It seems Miles has played Parker, Webster, Watson exclusively at the 1 and 2. There have been a few times I noticed McVeigh and White sliding up to the 2; however, the focus seems to be 3 guys holding down 2 spots. At the 5, Miles lately seems to be focusing upon Hammonds, Jacobson, and, less and less, Morrow. The remaining 3 and 4 spots are left for McVeigh, Shields, White, and Fuller. This strategy limits the development of Morrow (who is getting fewer and fewer minutes). I would like to see Morrow slide to the 4 and White slide to the 2. Any idea how much foul trouble is leading to the cut in Morrow's minutes? Just my opinion (this specific question has never come up in my conversations), Morrow's foul troubles are from playing out of position. There have been a few games where Morrow has played solid defense at the 5. However, a number of the 5's he has matched up against are 5th year seniors or 4th year juniors. These guys are more physically mature with at least 2 years of conditioning over Morrow. After a while the kid is going to wear down. When that happens, Morrow fouls. Moving Morrow to the 4 would probably see a reduction in fouls as there would be a more favorable match up. Further, just my opinion, starting Jacobson at the 5 makes sense as he seems to have more physical endurance to guard the position. Same with Hammond (although, I still am concerned with his mental toughness). Morrow definitely has a better offensive skill set though, but Jacobson/Hammod are just better suited (from a physical standpoint) to play the 5. With Shields entrenched at the 4, Morrow basically has to wait until Jacobson/Hammond or Shields needs a breather to come in. Even then, Miles still can decide to send in Fuller (more experience and physical development) or McVeigh (3pt shooting stretch defenses).
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    Surprises so far this season

    Agree. Some coaches are pretty much strictly a man defense coach. That's fine if you have people with quick feet to work with. If not, they can get beat sometimes. That seems to happen when we get some of our big's get away from the basket. And in some cases zones are less tiresome on defenders, than man on man chasing a player all over the floor. Zone defense in general, is somewhat easier to learn and execute, for newer players especially. So might be good in our current situation. Could well have helped in the Cal game? They were quick. We have good height so a 1-3-1, or 2-3 could be worth trying. Or a somewhat spread out 2-1-2. ...kind of depends on what your scouting report says. Maybe it would mean a man defense on one certain player, and zone 2-2 for the balance. (example: box and 1) I used to always mix man/zone defenses during a game. Because you can sometimes find the other teams offensive weakness with changing defenses....and if the defense your using isn't working well...try something else.