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    Miles on Sports Nightly 1-28-2015

    Full of nuggets Beilein was constantly switching defenses any time the Huskers started to look comfortable Only the second time they've seen 1-3-1 and Huskers didn't have anyone from the corner scoring. Mentioned wondering about playing the right guys (Fuller?) Terran was patient and got good looks but all the misses took a toll on him. Shavon had a bad start but finished well Tai didn't play well...didn't seem to come back with the same edge as the last two games - Some guys handle success differently...that might be the case with Tai Miles wasn't surpsised by Aubrey Dawkins, the son of Johnny Dawkins who put up double digits in the first half. Miles tried to recruit him. Miles was telling Molanri to win on the road you need to set the tone defensively and take care of the ball, play with the lead. Molinari replies "You gotta make shots...one way or another you need to make a certain amount of shots." Probably played Rivers too long in the first half. Made a run with him but he was winded and his man hit a couple of 3s on him. Moses wasn't supposed to play due to matchups, specifically Princeton-style teams with mobile 5s. That means you don't see Moses vs Wisconsin or Michigan but you will see him vs Iowa and Maryland. Minny has big 5s plus smaller 4s Our fouls on jump shoots have been a little up which is part of us closing out shooters. On the we're one of the best if defensive FG%. Joked about Terran shooting from 30 Ft during Mich St game and how he'll look at Miles after shots now. "If you're going to stare down anyone after a shot I'd rather it be me" Talked about Avery Harriman and the AveryStrong day Darin Erstad story Asked about offensive philosophy: Has had to take what he's given on every rebuilding project but at the end of the day wants a motion offense that attacks the paint in some manner and takes great shots. Team isn't a good motion team so they run a lot of sets that don't include everybody. For example if TP isn't involved in a play he might just be standing somewhere to space the floor for something else going on. People aren't going to leave TP and hopefully that opens things up for someone like Shavon to drive. Would love the have everyone moving without the ball and run motion but doesn't think we're good enough at it. "The guys don't have it in their DNA and it's hard to change that after X number of years." As we go on, we'll build it. Also, we're expelling a lot of energy on defense plus playing some guys 40 minutes so I need to run sets to give them breathers. Running zone can help but the team is much better in man. After the one possession in zone against MU Shavon came to the bench and said "we don't need that zone crap" Asked about bringing in post players for next year: Talked about Hammond and how it takes time for post players to add physicality (size). Cited Michigan St with top 100 recruits not playing. Talked about Ed Morrow at 6'7" and Michael Jacobson at 6'8" coming in to make an immediate impact next year. Can still play Shavon down low and Andrew White is a terrific athlete on the wing. Still not exactly where we want to be with size. 'I like our younger guys and I recruited them to play. That's how you get a top 25 recruiting class...it's with the idea you are recruiting them to play.' Miles jokes that he burned his zone offense and the black uniforms after returning home from Michigan, noting that we've worn them 3 times with the others being at Creighton and on the road vs Penn St Link to the audio - starts around the 1 hour mark
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    TP tonight

    Bingo!! Can't appreciate this post enough! This board isn't near as bad as football dominated boards. You lose and we move on.. Do people not realize how special last year was and the hot streak we were on? We surprised a ton of teams and now we have to change things up and we aren't quite there yet. It'll come be patient.
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    Time for Miles to adopt a new Mantra

    As we all know, Miles has been pushing the mantra "like the 3, love the rim" ever since he arrived at NU. This mantra has been pounded into the minds of fans and players alike. Well, call it heresy if you will, but I think it is time to scrap that mantra and adopt the following new mantra: Like the rim, love wide open shots! I am tired of watching player after player turning down wide open shots, only to either: (1) drive into the lane which is packed with 5 defenders b/c they are all playing the "pack" defense rather than guard the perimeter, or (2) pass the ball off and then watch TP or SS struggle to find an open shot with the shot clock winding down, only to result in a flailing drive to the basket or an off-balance, fade to the side 3-pointer. The problem with the current mantra "like the 3, love the rim" is that is doesn't take into account what the defense is doing. If the opponent is placing all 5 defenders in the paint and completely taking away the rim, is it still prudent to bang your head against a brick wall and try to pound the ball into all that traffic time and again? I realize none of us like it when the opponent dictates what we do, but there must be some level of reason in this. Opponent after opponent is simply not guarding half our players on the court. I just read a post in another thread complaining that Miles doesn't run good enough sets against zone defenses. That may be true, to me it is irrelevant. What is the whole purpose of running a set play? Answer: TO GET AN OPEN SHOT! Thing is, against most teams (none more exemplified than last night vs. Mich.), NU is GIFTED wide open shots on virtually every single possession without having to run any sets or motions whatsoever. Opponents simply do not guard Benny or Tarin or Rivers or Tai. On most every possession those players have a 5 foot cushion to shoot almost whenever they want. So new mantra: If you are wide open, shoot the ball! I would rather see Tarin Smith shoot 11 wide open 3 pointers than see SS or TP force extremely difficult shots late in the shot clock when the defense can crank up the pressure b/c it knows the shot clock is winding and one of those 2 is going to shoot it. It is 2 on 5, and the 5 is usually going to come out on top. This mantra also needs to be applied to Walt P. If Walt is going to be on the floor, then he needs to shoot whenever he is open. Period. If Walt is not out there to shoot, then he has no purpose being on the floor. His defense is atrocious. Last night he shot only 5 times for 4 points and some no-name "center" scored 12 points and had 9 rebounds against Walt. That is a major net negative. Walt has been averaging about 4 to 5 shots over his last 10 games or so. I haven't gone back and checked, but I would bet anything he was shooting more than that last year when he was critical for NU down the stretch. I know WP has been off with his shooting this year, but part of that is b/c he is not shooting when he is open. I am sooooo tired of seeing him catch the ball at the top of the key and then immediately pump-fake even though there is no one within 5 feet of him. Who is he faking out? Plus, Walt is 6'10". He can get his shot off even if the defender is closing b/c he is so tall. When was the last time his outside shot was blocked? Ever? If Walt is open, he needs to shoot. Period. If he won't shoot it, then put him on the bench and put in Leslee who will as least play good post defense and set good screens and maybe even score a bucket or 2 in the paint. In short, I think this team and all the so-called "role" players have been too defined into their alleged "roles". They are deferring too much to TP and SS and it is hurting the team. Just like you cannot let a team press with impunity (by failing to attack the press), you cannot allow a team to simply not guard 2-3 offensive players every time down the court. That is ridiculous. This is div. 1 college basketball, not 4th grade YMCA rec ball. If you are a guard or a wing and you can't hit at least 35%-40% of your WIDE OPEN shots from 15-20 feet, then you shouldn't be playing. I don't care how good your defense is NU cannot consistently win playing 2 on 5 on offense. It just can't work on a consistent basis. If you are wide open, shoot the ball with confidence and live the results. It is better than playing tentative and constantly deferring until the shot clock is expiring and a difficult and contested shot is the only remaining option.
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    Time for Miles to adopt a new Mantra

    Agreed, Norm. Shavon's problem is between his ears. Confidence and consistency kid! Is it though? He might be suffering through the same thing that Ubel went through that as his strength increased his 3 pt shot became worse. 3pt Shooting Fr: 14-39 - 35.9% So: 18-57 - 31.6% Jr: 12-54 - 22.2% On the flipside, both his 2pt % and FT % are so far a season best. Good shooter? Yes. Range? Doesn't look like it. Too small of a sample size from Ubel to attribute his declining shooting percentage to him getting stronger as he got older? I know Ubel had kind of an ugly looking perimeter shot. Shavon does not. His alignment on his shooting is good; he has a compact stroke; he has good tempo and rhythm and a quick release because of his compact form. In short, Shavon has good mechanics and a proven record of being a better shooter. Up until the Creighton game this year, Shavon was almost 44% from 3. From and after that game, which was a very tough loss and kinda took the wind out of our sails, Shavon has shot 13% from three. Almost 44% before Creighton; 13% since. Shavon is a better shooter than that. It's between his ears. He's in a slump and he needs to shoot himself out of it. Similar to what I told my wife: "I'm in a slump and I need to shoot my way out of it". Practice, practice, practice....
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    Time for Miles to adopt a new Mantra

    I wasn't sure whether Tim was planning to adopt the Praying Mantra or the Mantra Ray as a new mascot when I read the header. But seriously, I find it interesting that the definition of mantra has evolved from having a perfectly good Hindu religious connotation to one which according to the urban dictionary now pertains to the use of a meme so powerful it wins all arguments. Or as someone puts it " an easy way for someone to get their dirty fingers into another's underwear".
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    Interesting that several posters have McVeigh red-shirting. And no one is saying much about shooting. What's the biggest weakness of this year's team? I would say it sucks at shooting. With the entire world (except Izzo) zoning the hell out of us, and not even guarding a couple of players beyond 12 feet (See, Smith, Tarin), the emphasis should be getting some shooters in the program and on the floor. Supposedly this is what McVeigh can do. Apparently White can as well, but we'll need more than him, especially if Terran doesn't return. MIles frequently mentions that we only have 2 scorers. Adding White will provide another one, or at least a shooter,even if it costs us a little defensively, per rumor. Someone will either need to develop as a scorer/shooter, such as Smith or Webster, or we'll need to add a couple. That's why I'm so intrigued with Watson. Will be interesting to see what he can do. If he's the real deal, playing time will abound.
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    Updates from around the B1G

    Go Wildcats!! Noah, I expect you to single-handedly prove Bluder wrong about an "environment in which there's not much energy".
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    I don't think people should sleep on Jacobson. Hopefully I am going to see him play this Friday up in Des Moines.
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    TP tonight

    no, but someone at OWH needs to fire that horse toothed moron. oh bring that sass... lol his tweet was garbage. I don't usually bag on any sports writer, but that was reaching harder than a 3 year old for pixie stix on the top shelf. If Terran is Taylor I'm Miles Davis
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    TP tonight

    We could very well go 3-0 in our next three and be right back on track with needing a few big wins. Just looked it up... we were 3-6 after the Michigan debacle last year when we went on our run. We were staring no postseason right in the face. We are currently 4-4 with 10 left 4 home games 6 away games 4 games are against teams below us in the standings as of today. 3 of those games are on the road. So we have a chance at 3 road wins right there starting with this Saturday. We then have a lot of big games at home. WE CAN DO THIS IF ANY PLAYERS ARE READING THIS, YOU CAN DO IT.... LOOK NO FURTHER THAN A YEAR AGO AROUND THIS TIME.