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    Diamondhead Classic 2014

    Leaving Saturday morning for Honolulu. Can't wait!
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    Diamondhead Classic 2014

    Yeah Doc might have an opinion on that. I think Coach Miles mentioned on the radio last week that he made sure the officials would be assigned by someone other than U of H, and that he was told they would be Big XII officials ... then he said he wasn't sure that was such a good idea for NU either.
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    2014-15 Husker opponents

    Incarnate Word with a comeback win over Grand Canyon....just keep on winning fighting Incarnates.
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    Cincinati pulled it off -- 71 to 62 in one overtime. And, The Incarnate Word defeated the Grand Canyon, the 7th natural wonder of the world, with a miraculous comeback... Here's the proof that something like that happened, sort of: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/article4601578.html
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    Just someone wanting to sell male enhancement products. No idea why he thought any of us would have any interest. You really shouldn't ban former Nebraska basketball players. Why would you block Standhardinger?
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    Diamondhead Classic 2014

    Are there any active international members on here? This just might be the best time for Ubel & Company to catch some Husker Hoops!
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    Diamondhead Classic 2014

    I assume Conlees will be open?
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