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    Emily Cady

    In a lot of ways T make sense for pros. Her quickness and speed offensively is everything in WNBA...plus she can defend because of the same quickness and speed. Might depend on how she can score this year ...consistently. Her 3 shooting is an eye opener when she gets on a hot streak. If she can't score 10 ppg or so in pros, pretty much no player stays...particularly guards. 3 shooters get a place on the team, no matter the age group, mens or womens, etc etc Cady...I quess we'll see how she does this year...kind of out of the shadow of Hoops. She is probably a bit undersized for post play in WNBA. Not sure she has the floor game needed for pros. Hopefully she will get the chance to play more 4/power forward this year, and show she has more versatility on the court, since there should be more help inside this coming year. If heart and determintion count for much...she's at the head of the class.
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    Does that mean he would be eligible to be a graduate transfer? Not that I think he would do that, but I imagine a lot of big-time programs would be interested. Well I hear Texas Tech is looking for players
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    Emily Cady

    Not sure yet where Em will show up in the draft but I do think someone will take a chance on her. If she has a goood season scoring wise, I'd think she would be a shoe in for the draft. What might surprise you though is that in some mock drafts they have Teara' Laudermill as a first round pick. The following link has been doing mock drafts for quite awhile now. Not sure how credible they are but they do have Tee as a top round pick! I think they see her speed, defending ability and as of late her ability to score as their top reasons for being so high. http://www.draftsite.com/wnba/mock-draft/2015/
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    OT Kansas City Royals

    You have had 20 plus years to get it back on track.... Just hope it isn't that long the next time
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    I see it differently. The B1G does enough to prop up NU's laurels. We dont need, and shouldnt want, CU and UNO to get good because it heightens recruiting battles locally when a good player does arise. I'd much rather have them be crappy and give us the upper hand with the better team, better conference, etc to coast to easy recruiting victories. I liken it to when KU, KSU, and Mizzou were crappy in football Nebraska cleaned up the stars in those states. When those teams got better we started losing out on some. With the limited talent already around NU for hoops you want to maximize your chances. Thats my take anyways.
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    Nebraska Basketball Promo Video

    Instead it was a little more like the Bill Self Anchorman video, eh jimmy?
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    Norm Peterson

    Jorge Brian Diaz vs Team USA

    It's OK for a guy to have puss-itis if he's on the other team.