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    Andrew White III - Kansas Transfer

    If you look closely, it's really not too subtle.
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    All aboard!

    All team members with the exception of transfer Anya Kalenta will arrive on campus in the upcoming days and will begin the process of getting to know their new teammates better and start to gel on the court with each other. An exciting and anxious time for the new freshmen who will be on campus for the first time as students. We’ve got some good upper-class leadership to show them the ropes though as they become acquainted with their new surroundings. A big HHC WELCOME! goes out to new freshmen Natalie5, Chandler30, Jasmine34 and Darrien50 plus Kaylee2 and Emily12 who have both been on campus for over a month. Can't wait to see you perform in the 'Vault'! Your ride is just beginning, here's hoping it's a fantastic one! They’ve got 129 days and counting to get ready and then it’s SHOWTIME! ............not sure yet as to when we can expect Anya's arrival.
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    Andrew White III - Kansas Transfer

    Let's hope that Charlie Weis' words don't carry as much weight as his back, legs, and belt.
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    Tai's summer

    Tai is definitely looking more put together this summer than last fall. Couldnt figure out the damn twitter thing so I just screen shot it.
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    Really shocking that he ran into Weis at dinner of all places.
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    Yeah, you would really think that Notre Dame would spring for something better than Golden Corral.
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    Andrew White III - Kansas Transfer

    How much you wanna bet it was all you can eat?
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    All aboard!

    That is a nice post Row. there will be some bumps in the road with so many new faces, but should be a lot of fun times ahead especially with such great upperclassman as leaders. I have been hearing Rachel T. has been playing amazing and has a chance to be an all American at some point I read Rachel Blackburn's team took 2nd in the tourney this week in Frisco tx at fieldhouse usa. lost in finals I believe.
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    Would you be disappointed if we didn't dance this year? No. Making the dance is a privilege. There are so many variables that go into making the tournament. If we end the season without even having a chance at making the dance, then I would be disappointed. What are your expectations? Many sellout games. That's the one thing that the fans can control. Is it fair to expect to dance this year? No. See first answer.
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    Have to respectfully disagree, Handy. If he stays injury free and has a great year, he is gone. He will get first round guaranteed money, and for a guy who will already have had 4 years of college, that is a no-brainer to take. He'll have to improve quite a bit to be a first-round lock. Not saying he won't... But I've heard his draft board response was possible late second round. I would bet he stays four years.
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