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    Tai- Freshman. First year living in a new country and playing U.S basketball Shields- Soph that missed first half of season last year. Petteway- Soph that barely played as a freshman Pitchford- Soph that barely played as a freshman Biggs- First year of D1 basketball Smith- Played very little minutes before this year. All these guys will be back next year and be much improved. Plus we'll have some new additions too: Hammond, Fuller, Unknown recruits/transfers.
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    The gripe there was that Biggs had a step on his guy when Miles got the timeout called. If we need a guy to take a last shot, it should be Petteway...he can create his own shot and hit from inside and outside. Yes but my point being we are always going to go back and second guess, just like we did in the Michigan play scenario, when we don't convert. It comes down to who can make the play. Right now nobody has yet. Biggs can also create his own shot and hit from inside or outside but you need to hold onto the ball to do either. Terrible turnovers.
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    You, sir, have slandered pillows. They're comfy, give our heads rest, and can be used by skilled assassins to great effect. How about marshmallows? Or maybe Junior Soakers ?
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    Ron Mexico

    Scouting Minnesota

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    THIS I actually liked the Black jersey's. I hope they wear them again as they looked awesome and were not the reason we lost.
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    I watched the game on my postage stamp sized ESPNU last night and here are some thoughts. 1. The anonymous, fourth string announcers were a good choice for this game. The best part of the commentary was the "Free Beiber" sign a student held up behind them. 2. This pretty well puts to rest the long thread about standing, screaming fans having a lot to do with the team's motivation to win. It is pretty hard for an empty seat to do either and somehow the PSU team was able to fuel an impressive comeback. 3. Mediocre teams have difficulty building momentum. Like the stock market, fans have to ignore the peaks and valleys and look at the big picture. 4. Right now, if we put the these coaches' names in a hat and drew them out, who would we like to draw , Chambers, Pitino, Collins, or Miles? And what will be the correct answer in 5 years?? 5. Can we burn the black uniforms now?
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    Get PETTEWAY the F#%^ing basketball

    However, the players making this team volatile were brought in by THIS STAFF. Surely they knew what they were getting in to?? Of course they know. It's a very young team with only minimal player leadership. Bad things are going to happen to you, and we need to accept that at some level. This is a season where you just gotta take the good when you get it, and et through the bad when that comes as well. Now if they're playing like this next season, it's a different discussion.
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    Norm Peterson

    How good are we?

    OK. Well, nevermind.
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    It is the fault of the uniforms. Red on black is hard to make out.
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    For the same reason why I swerve across all lanes of traffic, didn't the taxpayers help pay for this arena? They should be able to storm the court whenever they want.