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    Would have been interesting to have him play with Dylan Talley.
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    My expectations are in line with Mario's. My HOPES are in line with CWG's
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    Dominic Woodson-2013 Center

    I don't know that I would read anything into that... @BoilerGuy99 is just some random Purdue fan that only has 24 followers, so that should give you some indication of his credibility/relevance... So what do you mean by that? Sincerely, Guy with 17 Followers
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    Dominic Woodson-2013 Center

    I see nothing wrong with the writer trying to convince the kid Marshall is for him. I would hope the LJS and OWH (most are to busy bashing the program to do something constructive for it) would do the same.
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    You mean they took a break from NBA and Creighton talk to mention Nebraska basketball. That's groundbreaking.
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    This year I hope/expect NIT or fringe NCAA. The year after...I expect NCAA with at least one win at the dance. I do not want to lower my expectations, nor do I think I should at this time.
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