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    ...please take a special look at our redshirts and/or transfers...this should make you (at least a bit) excited for next year.
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    Handy Johnson

    We can still finish 13-18!

    Gophers look like their imploding, Does the ghost of one Robert Devaney deliver us a win in the last ever game at the Bob? R.I.P Husker Bob, Mad Mike and all the rest........
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    I have always loved the flop. I would love to see some of these big boys drop like that when somebody bumped in them at a pub or some guy is hitting on their girlfriend. Like" Hey there Honey" "Don't talk to my girlfriend like that" Slight push, guys goes falling into the bar and then down to the floor. While screaming and arms flay about. "Lets get out of here." "Yeah, way to protect me loser." Okay I have too much time on my hands.
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    I absolutely hate when refs exaggerated their calls or come sprinting in. That tells me that they want the attention on them and not the game.
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