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  2. I think you will be fine; as long as you don't post any pictures.
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  4. I hope they didn't spend my donation on Bon Jovi 2.0
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  6. At least it’s not some Husker Harvest days reject...
  7. Presumably then, the Husker Hoops tweet above is in reference to this: (WARNING: Explicit Lyrics) And we'll be seeing Rick Ross at the Opening Night scrimmage. Which, while cool and all it's just a tad disappointing since this is exactly who Les Miles invited to KU for their spring game, which gave us this cringeworthy moment: My hope is we keep Doc as far away from the stage as possible for this one!
  8. Bo Ryan proved that scheme >> talent over his long career. To a certain extent so did Beilein. I'd like to think that maybe Hoiberg can provide a similar schematic advantage here. Hence, a diminished feeling of concern. At least for now.
  9. My only concern, and its not a very big one, is the roster management. No matter how you shake it JUCOs struggle in D1 and if they become impactful its not usually until the second part of the season or year two. Also, on paper, our freshmen class isnt anything to write home about (Im trusting the staffs evaluating). Add in that every other player hasnt played P5 basketball (sorry Haanif, im busy taking shots at Creighton and the Big East) at all or in a meaningful role and it could concern some that so many scholarships are tied up for so long. But once again im trusting Hoiberg and his judgement so its not a huge concern of mine.
  10. Youth Movement: Here's what our presumable starting lineup looks like on the offensive side of the ball, from an eligibility perspective: QB - Soph RB - Jr/Soph X - Soph? Y - Frosh? Z - Jr TE - Jr OL - Jr OL - Jr C - RFr OL - Soph OL - Jr Are. You. Kidding. Me.
  11. Dont have the exact numbers but apparently Jervay Green and Haanif Cheatham led the gaurds in rebounding during the four games.
  12. The internet is sometimes wrong, but I read on the internet today that Trent Hixson, a walk-on offensive lineman from Omaha Skutt, was awarded a scholarship and has earned the starting nod for the season opener. I also read on the internet that Cam Jurgens is healthy and appears to have won the nod to start at center over the younger Farniok brother. What does it say about Mike Riley's actual recruiting when, in year 2 of Scott Frost, a sophomore walk-on and a redshirt freshman recruited as a TE are going to make up 40% of your starting offensive line? Holy schmick.
  13. this is a relatively rare, total re-model of a program. That's not going to happen instantly. We're in one of the toughest conferences in the country. I think you temper expectations naturally. I'm content to just see what plays out in the first two months. I do think that if this roster has any ambition of making a 2020-21 run in the tourney, they'll likely need to be an NIT caliber squad by the end of season 1. You can tell I was never big on shaking the Xmas presents to guess what was in them, eh? :)
  14. Those two December B1G games are very interesting - two really solid opponents, but we've had a ton of success lately in Bloomington. Hopefully we can split them as our team continues to gel, but I think you could make a case for 2-0 or 0-2 as well. Just from an initial glance, it looks like the back half of the B1G schedule is more challenging than the front half, so that's beneficial for a team that should improve steadily throughout the year. No home games between Nov 22 and Dec 15 is odd. B1G schedule is kind of lumpy - 4x we have back to back home games, 4x we have back to back road games. That schedule layout probably doesn't lend itself to many significant winning or losing streaks during league play. Just 74 days left till the season opener!
  15. The following is a complete, exhaustive list of every senior wide receiver on the Nebraska football team this year: Jaron Woodyard Kanawai Noa Mike Williams Total combined career receptions in a Husker uniform for senior wideouts: 13 The following is a complete, exhaustive list of every junior wide receiver on the Nebraska football team this year: JD Spielman Ty Chaffin Todd Honas Total combined career receptions in a Husker uniform for junior wideouts not named JD Spielman: 0 The following is a complete, exhaustive list of every senior tight end on the Nebraska football team this year: No one The following is a complete, exhaustive list of every junior tight end on the Nebraska football team this year: Brian Perez Travis Vokolek Jack Stoll I think there will very likely be a breakout wideout for the Huskers this year besides Wan'Dale Robinson. That guy could be Noa, who had 96 career catches at Cal. But it's probably more likely to be a freshman or sophomore and probably someone recruited by Frost. It's kind of amazing to me that, of those two position groups that basically compose the receiving targets for our passing game, there are hardly any seniors who are likely to get very many touches, and very few juniors. And that's true even if you add in the running backs. The only senior RB likely to see any touches at all in the passing department is Wyatt Mazour. And the ONLY junior RB is Dedrick Mills. So, other than juniors Dedrick Mills, JD Spielman and Jack Stoll, it's entirely possible that the rest of the juniors and seniors on this football team will account for 30 or fewer receptions on the season. Combined. Considering there were 257 completed passes last year, that would be mind-blowing.
  16. I promise you that I am not Steve Sipple.
  17. I loled when he repeated, for emphasis "at worst"
  18. I got a smile from that too.
  19. Nebrasketball refuses to take a backseat….season-tickets officially sold out, and Fred Hoiberg gets love from anonymous coaches
  20. That’s awesome I just hope all the “newbies” aren’t offended or puzzled by my Shim Sham jokes...
  21. I wonder how many single-game tickets they held back. Hopefully some.
  22. Baby Barkley..... a lesser round mound of rebound?!
  23. Put up some nice banners along the way. It's gonna be a wild ride. GBR
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