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  3. tv loves the current set up. using all the time outs and game stoppages means more ads. I read Zirin do an article on that several years ago and he calculated that the ad time during college basketball games went up about 25-30 percent, which over time is millions of dollars for large regional or national productions. game stoppages are an advertisers best friend, which is why so many sports have so many more of them these days.
  4. I think our O-line should still be fine without him. I don't think anyone was projecting him as a starter. Sad for the kid, but the show must go on.
  5. I wish we could’ve got a look at Cam, I’d say the biggest Wildcard is Curtiss (got a hunch he’s gonna blow up) & yes, Charlie Easley. He could be the next “Aaron Craft” that it’s OK to root for!
  6. I believe the team will be competitive but am unsure on whether or not we can win games with rebound deficits due to our lack of size.
  7. That's unfortunate for Mr. Gaylord and the O-Line depth.
  8. Sharpe seems like a hoops junkie from his twitter feed so I'd imagine he'll talk a fair amount about basketball, presumably he might focus on local hoops. Guess we shall see.
  9. @Kent Pavelka - what is this world coming to.... are the other 3: Touchdown - Touchdown - Touchdown ???
  10. Right now I would extend our possible finish a couple of notches in either direction, at least until we see what the other teams have this year and until we get to see the three more pieces to our team in action.
  11. I'm optimistically cautious. I need to see Yvan first. They need him to be somewhat productive on defense and the glass. I think we'll be able to score and defend on the perimeter. The 4 man rotation up front is what I'm watching. And I believe Cross/arop are battling for that last spot off the bench. Love Cross's potential. But hes a project in the big ten right now. We can honestly finish anywhere from 6-11. There's so many variables that will tie in.
  12. I will vote in the, "it depends where they are" category with this one.
  13. Kent is making the front page of twitter now! (also The front page of section L1 in the OWH a few months ago for a nice piece on his gardening hobby) Here's the interesting part....... it's his fourth tattoo When do we get to see the rest? @Kent Pavelka
  14. After reading through this, I remember hearing about it briefly...but with a more detailed pan here presented, I'm 100% IN on this 21-style no clock at end of games rule set. We all know the agony. Plus, maybe this keeps people from leaving early as much? Theres a better chance without a foul chess game that even with a 5 point deficit, you have a SHOT. Less of a shot if the lead is 15, but much better nonetheless. Let's get the ncaa working on this!!
  15. good news is we have probably the best coach in America to either fix the shot or decide that the shot is just fine if it doesn't get blocked and goes in the hoop.
  16. 1620 needs more basketball talk with Bahe gone. I hope Sharp will talk college basketball, but I won't hold my breath on the other two shows talking about anything other than Nebraska football, food, and making teenage jokes.
  17. Doc said we would play baseline to baseline, he was just a few years off.
  18. Third-highest-graded returning B1G receiver in the red zone ...
  19. And Damon's super passive aggressive "remember, as in don't forget..." gets me every time!
  20. Feel free to dump anything here that relates to our outlook for the upcoming season.
  21. Speed and athleticism to run. My neck is sore already.
  22. I would welcome Gary when Kent decides to hang it up. Would be a much better choice than Bishop. He’s a fun listen on Omaha games. Equal parts Fun, Intelligent and Passionate - much like our guy KP.
  23. I enjoy the 1620 PSAs at the beginning of every track informing you that 1620 is a radio station!
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