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  2. Coach may be just being nice to Thor (though I doubt it). Thor may be a system player. If the system fits, he will react well and be a good contributor. I am not sure he fit that well into the Miles system. I guess time will tell.
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  4. Once Yvan gets added to this team we'll have a better idea of how everything looks. Nonetheless they mentioned a Stevenson/Kavas frontcourt lineup at times. Cross I read just needs to reshape himself physically. Arop might be interesting if he can play some good defense out the gate. Guards there are plenty of. The front court and what lineups they use will be the most interesting part of everything to me. Hopefully Stevenson can play out the gate. Kavas is bigger than advertised it seems. Overall intrigued by the frontcourt
  5. Could say a lot... I am very excited. So good to see Doc back in red though!
  6. What are the odds his fourth school also starts with a “w”?
  7. I'm also hoping that JPJ has a decent shot at getting a training camp invite. It seemed that our other players who made summer league rosters signed to play overseas right away after summer league ended. The fact he hasn't yet has me hoping he has a shot at the League!
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  9. FYI: Source for game by game international FIBA basketball stats for Bourne: http://www.fiba.basketball/world/u19women/2019/player/Isabelle-Bourne/ 3 games played thus far.
  10. Nice-looking jumpers: Kevin Cross; Shamiel Stevenson; Jervay Green Ugly-ass jumpers: Samari Curtis; Dalano Banton *Non-exhaustive list. This is just from the above video. There might be more ugly-ass jumpers on the team (although let's hope not because them are painful to watch.)
  11. watched most of the hungary game---i thought her game is very comparable to what mershon brought the huskers last season. gets up and down the court well. can mix it up underneath. passes well. maybe better off the dribble than mershon, though. only one game, so, hard to evaluate offense. as redsteve stated, very promising and i think she will see her share of minutes right from the get-go.
  12. Doc Sadler Retweeted Verbal Commits @VerbalCommits Former Wichita State F Teddy Allen is transferring to Western Nebraska CC (JUCO).
  13. Here are the mentions of every player from what I have seen so far: - Haanif Cheatham: great leader - Matej Kavas: high basketball IQ - Jervay Green: N/A - Dachon Burke: scorers mentality; great effort - Derrick Walker: physical specimen - Shamiel Stevenson: most athletic looking player; best rebounder - Thorir Thorbjarnarson: fits nicely into new "read and react" system - Cam Mack: with team but not practicing at the moment - Dalano Banton: unique body type and skill set - Akol Arop: N/A - Samari Curtis: can shoot it from anywhere including close to 50% from three so far in practice - Kevin Cross: appears closer to 6'6 than 6'8; smooth with the ball Yvan Ouedraogo: not currently with the team - Charlie Easley, Brett Porter, Jace Piatkowski: N/A
  14. Agreed. The jump from Juco to major college basketball must be a big one. The most successful Jucos I’ve seen had their success in year two, after struggling in year one.
  15. Here are the links to the pressers Hoiberg http://www.huskers.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?clip=5914388&cid=4103&db_oem_id=100 Burke and Cheatham http://www.huskers.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?clip=5914557&cid=4103&db_oem_id=100
  16. Let's hope he got his grades
  17. Would have been here if I wasn't still on a trip
  18. No. Someone (cant remember who) posted stats from the top 10-15 JUCO players the past couple years. And most of them put up very modest stats their first year of D1. Im sure its an adjustment for him.
  19. He can still play in Italy though
  20. Still impressed with getting Ohio’s Mr Basketball as an “Oh BTW” signee at the end of recruiting...
  21. Here's the presser with haanif, dachon, and Fred after the fact. Dachon and Haanif both mentioned Samari as someone who stood out. Fred mentioned Dachon as a guy who's impressed, Banton has world's of potential, mentioned Thor is adjusting very well to his read and react system, and they can't really communicate on the court yet. Which is kinda expected. First couple practices.
  22. Anyone find it weird we aren't hearing anything about Jervay? I would've thought he would be one of our top 2-3 players if not our best considering the hype.
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