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  2. is it really that much different than petteway? both guys left after their junior year. both guys went to the combine. both guys were getting good feedback. most thought petteway was an early 2nd rounder which is what we're hearing about roby.
  3. How do those grapes taste Mr. Pollard, a little sour?
  4. No spots open for assistant coaches. Maybe a grad ass....
  5. Howard already being tabbed UMs next coach in media within last hour. Huge risk for the wolverines, since he's never been a head coach. And he's never coached in college.
  6. They still have a football team? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. When he committed he was listed at 6’4”. In the EYBL article he is listed at 6’6”. So it appears the answer is yes.
  8. These guys should just be thankful we didn't also take their football coach
  9. The Quad City Times doing a story on Iowa State is like the Journal/Star doing a story on Creighton. I would ask why? Hoiberg and the Huskers are still living rent free in the minds of Cyclone fans!!!!
  10. Yep, Xavier Watts who goes to Omaha Burke. Dainja's skill level and polish for a high school big man is as impressive as I've ever seen on film and he plays very high level competition in high school and on the AAU circuit.
  11. Heard that Howard is a person of interest. Not sure what he brings other than his playing prowess, but if he surrounds himself with good assistants, it could work.
  12. I am certainly not an expert, but when I look at this young man, he has the appearance of someone who still has a growth spurt in him.
  13. Interesting observation. I would be thrilled with Dainja. Isn't he a cousin of a football target of Frost?
  14. Now you've done it. All the Clone lurkers are shaking their fists at the screen.
  15. Yesterday
  16. They both had great success at mid level programs before signing 7 year, multi-million dollar contracts at a P5 program.
  17. A buddy of mine who is apparently a Twitter aficionado told me... the only ‘19 recruits Fred Hoiberg followed on Twitter have all signed with Nebraska. And he only follows one ‘20 recruit: Dain Dainja
  18. The exact quote is even more ridiculous. "Asked by a young fan in the crowd if that was a possibility, director of athletics Jamie Pollard suggested that the only possibility might be in the NCAA tourney, quickly pointing out, “That’s one thing Nebraska hasn’t been to ever. They’ve got a little work to do before we might be seeing them on the court.’’
  19. I repeat this as often as I can. There are two things I know for sure: Nebraska has a better all-time winning percentage than ISU in men's basketball. Nebraska leads the all-time series with ISU in men's basketball. Fortunately, I know the writer. I'll send him an email. I mean, if ISU is serious about rectifying those stats, they'll want to schedule Nebraska as soon as possible to even out the series, right?
  20. So says Iowa St Athletic Director Jamie Pollard. The butt hurt from Iowa St fans and now their administration has been as enjoyable as our coaches getting after it on the recruiting trail. About halfway down. https://qctimes.com/sports/basketball/college/prohm-expects-foreign-trip-to-benefit-isu/article_41e4cc4f-afb0-5ebd-ae2f-aff509ccca80.html
  21. And some of us wanted to part ways a couple weeks ago..... He could be a top 60 recruit if he keeps it up
  22. Right now.. I would be more shocked if he came back than if he went in Round 1.
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