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    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 1 - Mississippi Valley St.

    • #25 Huskers dominate hapless Mississippi Valley St 106 - 37

      'What 3pt shooting problem?'



    Full disclosure, I wasn't able to go tonight. I'll watch it soon, but I'm assuming it's over, or just about by now, so y'all can discuss it here. I'll add my thoughts later.

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    17 hours ago, HB said:


    Not just his J, but his free throws were grotesque.    No way you can have this guy in the game the last 3 minutes, he'll get immediately hacked.  There was some funky side spin on those bad boys.  

    Looks like he went to the Lonzo Ball shooting academy...

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    23 hours ago, jayschool said:

    I worry that teams will sag off Harris when he has the ball in the forecourt because his jump shot poses little threat.

    They certainly will and it will hurt him offensively the question is if he will be able to get a running start down hill and finish at the rim enough to not be a liability on offense. This would allow him to still drive and kick as well. It should be possible because of his size and I have seen it done before at a higher level with a much taller and much better player (Ben Simmons) but even the greats struggle without shooting and it will be important that he learns to do so in subsequent seasons. But guys like this are the ones that can compete right away the question is will they ever get better. 

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