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    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 27 - Rutgers

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      Isaiah Roby lands a huge dunk as Nebraska wins their 5th straight





    That was largely a fun game.

    • The video before the game was pretty well done. I thought it set the right tone. Crowd seemed fully supportive. Loved to see that.
    • I thought the energy and focus they came out with to start the game was as good as it had been all year. I think, for at least that moment, they were as unified a group as they've been in a while.
    • It's really difficult to sustain that level of energy throughout, however, so as great as that 22-4 start was, they probably over exerted a bit. They basically held them at arms length the rest of the night.
    • Roby finally landed the monster slam! The place came unglued. I probably was more reserved than I should have been, I just assumed he'd get one of those eventually.
    • Frankly, we did some dynamic things that I haven't seen from a Nebrasketball team in a really long time. Those first 10 minutes of the game were a ton of fun.
    • We're really hot or cold from 3, huh? We had a couple of wide open looks that if we hit them, break the game wiiiiiiide open.
    • Loved the spark Duby gave us. He only played a handful of minutes, but the ones he did play were impactful.
    • James got smacked in the face early in the game. Never really seemed himself.
    • Thought Glynn was really good today, too. His stat line may not fully reflect that.
    • That was Roby's first double-double since the season opener. Also the first time he's scored in double figures in back-to-back games since the first two games of the year. Man, he was good today.
    • Jordy did some nice things. He's getting better around the rim, but if he puts the ball on the floor at all, he's toast. Also, he needs to get some stick 'em on those paws. I like the effort he brought today, though. Thought he was really disruptive on defense for the Rutgers drivers.
    • That was our third sweep of the season. We've got a chance for one more. And if not for letting one slip vs. PSU, we could have been in position to sweep all of our double plays.
    • I honestly never really expected to see an NU team sit at 10-4 in conference play. This is a blast. Let's keep this thing rolling!
    • Thought the crowd was mostly good. I expect it to be great on Tuesday. Le't see if we can sell it out again!


    That's all I've got for now.

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