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    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 22 - @ Ohio St.

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    So, I'm watching this at a friends place where they're not as focused on the game as I normally would be, so my thoughts might be a little scattered.


    First Half:

    • We missed so many open looks. In that way, it felt a lot like the Illinois game. NU should have been up by a decent margin at the half.
    • Nothing in the scoring column from Glynn isn't a winning formula.
    • Energy was ok, but again, missed opportunities loom.
    • These are two of the better defensive teams in the conference. Probably shouldn't have been surprised by a low scoring half.
    • I know Jordy's third foul was cheap, but he still has to learn to defend without fouling.


    Second Half:

    • JPJ was the man. As good of a performance as I've seen in a while.
    • Glynn can't contribute nothing offensively. This happens too often.
    • This would have been a huge win. They had every opportunity to win this thing, and it felt like they missed an opportunity.
    • Maybe it was just that the teams were playing tight early, neither team played all that great. I thought much of the second half was really entertaining.


    Rutgers now becomes a huge, huge game. NU can't mail that one in. Rutgers will beat us if we do that, but they can't take it for granted. Not as much detail as I'd like, but this will get y'all started.

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    9 minutes ago, 49r said:


    It's a hodgepodge (typically in game threads) here's a couple of examples:



    Bad reading comprehension on my part. I was looking at rivals instead of huskerboard.

    I've been upping my game since I figured out that huskers.com lists the halftime/promotion stuff



    We get another AveryStrong game against a team with yellow as their primary color

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    22 hours ago, hhcdimes said:


    I know that offensive possession wasn't going anywhere but Miles put them in tight quarters calling that timeout with 9 seconds left.

    I think Palmer was supposed to curl around the Roby screen for a shot but Tate ran through Roby and disrupted it.  Not sure if Copeland stopped counting in his head once he passed off.  He could have taken a 3 from the corner but his lack of setup likely ends up with miss that OSU easily rebounds.  At the end of the day we'd been better off if Miles had just let Palmer huck up a shot.  I don't know if that makes the difference though as OSU had us locked down at that point.

    Probably should have been a clear out for Jim, OSU went and scored and we were playing from downhill after that.

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