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    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 16 - @ Northwestern

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    First Half:

    • Jordy is playing pretty well on defense. But he's bringing nothing on the other end.
    • Thought the quartet of Jordy, Duby, Tanner and Roby have at least made things difficult for Pardon. I think they've paid so much attention to him, though, that they've missed some rebounds they should have had.
    • The rebounding effort has been killer. Northwestern with 14 offensive rebounds. At least two possessions they had three chances. If they clean that up, they'll win this game. NW had 12 second chance points to NU's 6. Difference in the game at the break.
    • Good to see Glynn playing well. Need another scoring option in the 2nd half, though. They've left a lot short in the mid-range game.
    • Nothing for either team is coming easy at the rim. It's a battle in the paint tonight.
    • They were efficient from 3, going 4/7. NW not shooting it great from behind the stripe, but they've had a bunch of second and third chance opportunities from there.
    • Defensive energy was good. Rebounding though sabotaged those efforts.
    • Rebounding and 2nd chance points are the difference. They're basically even everywhere else.
    • This game is very winnable. Gotta shore up the rebounding and they'll be right there.


    Second Half:

    • I love James Palmer in transition.
    • Rebounding in the first media segment was much improved.
    • Dat dime to Borchardt!
    • The rebounding in the second segment reverted.
    • Tanner has come a long way since the start of the year. He's been the best post player on the team over these past two weeks. Hope it carries over.
    • Big time shot from Gill to get the four point play.
    • Copeland with some big time plays down the stretch.
    • Color commentator (who was really bad, btw) was right when he said NU became the best team when they became the aggressor. That's what we've seen from this team all year. Need it from the tip, not after we get punched in the nose.
    • NU absolutely dominated the second half. Really gritty win tonight. Big time W.
    • Palmer and Copeland came to play in the 2nd. The defense was really good all day long. Just gotta get the rebounding cleaned up.
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    8 hours ago, hskr4life said:

    BTN guys were talking about our win tonight.  A little about what I remember them saying.  It was the guy who called our game and Andy Katz.


    Guy who called our game:  Likes Roby at the 5, says we need to be the aggressor and attack.  Likes our team. 


    Andy Katz: Talks about how we have 0 Tier 1 wins but are 3-1 in Tier 2.  Brings up KU game as a Tier 1 that got away.  Said we need to defend the vault.  


    Someone stated rhat that they could see us end like 3rd to 7th or something like that if I remember correctly.  Stated we are “a tough team to place right now.”  No one knows what to do with us really, so we need to keep winning.

    I heard this as well.  I also heard an interview on 1480 last evening with Andy Markowski.  It sounds like he believes in our team and if I recall correctly indicated we have the ability to win as many as 14 games in the Big Ten.  This morning on 93.7 Sip mentioned 10 or 11 wins.  The good news, is that Husker basketball is starting to create a buzz. 

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    On ‎1‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 10:53 PM, 49r said:

    It's hilarious that Northwestern fans have the temerity to call ANY basketball program "horrible" or "bad".  Because for pretty much the entire history of college basketball their team defined it.  Oh well, I'll just revel in kicking their ass on their home court.

    Hey Northwestern take your puny 1 time appearance and stick it. We've been there SEVEN times baby!

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    19 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

    Also, B1G the notice has been served: This Cornhusker squad has come to play. You better lace 'em up tight Saturday Purdue.

    I love this and I agree Handy! Well said sir!

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