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    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 1 - Eastern Illinois

    • Survive and improve. Ya didn't think it was all gonna go perfectly, did you?




    • "Bring em out" needs work. Music shouldn’t play for 90 seconds before we see them come out of the tunnel. That's been a problem for a while.
    • Also, boo to the weak passive-aggressive "Husker Power" chant while the teams were still in the locker room. We weren’t having it though. Props to the student section for getting it going during intros.
    • Loved that energy early. Both from the team and from the fans. Night and day better than the exhibition.
    • Second segment wasn’t as great. EIU has some athletes, gave us some fits.
    • Grumpy Old Men was the movie for that little game they do. Sounds like a perfect description of the fan base right now.
    • A little surprised jack was re 9th or 10th to get in the game.
    • Surprised they gave Roby the basket on his layup in the middle of the first half.
    • Seems like we took a lot of rushed shots in the middle of the half. Lots of bad offense.
    • Cope looked the best he has yet as a Husker.
    • Roby was really disruptive at the rim. Just a ton of blocks.
    • When they want to, they can really turn up the defensive heat. Don’t seem to be able to do it consistently, though.
    • Was good to see Roby knock down that 3. He’s got that in him.
    • I love the potential of that lineup with Glynn, Allen, Cope, Roby and Palmer.
    • We’ll see how lineups shake out. I think there’s a fairly clear top 8. There might be another 2 behind that that can hold things steady. Not sure where jack fits in yet. I things will settle in at about 9. We played 10 today, just 8 in the second half.
    • One of the better youth halftime games we’ve seen in a while.
    • The free throw struggles were bizarre. Hopefully that doesn’t become s trend. It shouldn’t with this team.
    • EIU put a lot of work into denying Glynn the ball. Wonder how much of that we see down the road.
    • I liked the 1-3-1 look, even though the dude hit the three over it.
    • EIU is a pesky bunch.
    • Huskers got sloppy with the ball in the middle is the second half.
    • Allen is a spark plug.
    • They seemed to stop calling fouls after eiu got into the bonus with 14 to play.
    • Watson took the game over down the stretch.
    • Roby had a double double and it felt like he has 10+ blocks too. Great, great game from him.
    • I liked that we had to fight through that today.
    • We only played 8 in the 2nd half and 10 for the game, I think. I’m fine with that group.
    • 59% from the line isn’t acceptable. We were lucky to survive that tonight.
    • That defense in the last minute was atrocious.
    • Thank goodness for Glynn.
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