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    uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: Vol 9, Ed 9 - Creighton




    - This was an interesting game because both teams fell into the other's game plan. NU wanted to slow the pace and keep the scoring low and for large parts of the game, they did that. They kept the Jays in the scoring range they wanted to. They defended well. They rebounded fairly well. They got the line more (until the very end). They just couldn't score.

    - The Jays wanted the Huskers to turn into a jump shooting team. The Huskers were happy to oblige. They went 3-22 from three. And a bunch of 'em were good looks, they gotta be able to hit 8 of 22 if they're gonna get that many open looks. But they couldn't do that and it was the difference in the game.

    - Both teams got the other do what they wanted them to do. When that happens, the difference became who was the better team and that was the Jays.

    - When Tai got in foul trouble, that really changed the game. He was having enough success and was giving the Jays all sorts of fits. When he got in foul trouble, he was basically neutered. He couldn't do the things that make him so valuable.

    - Jordy had a really great first half. The Jays really struggled with him. It was easily the best he's looked. Hopefully he'll build on that.

    - Thought Roby looked nice at times. Looked overwhelmed at others.

    - Needed Glynn and Ed to be on their games. Neither were. On top of that, none of the other role players played well either. Not a good recipe for success.

    - When it got down 20-4, I thought "here we go again". I'm guessing a lot of people did.

    - Thought it was really impressive they were able to fight back and get into the game at half time. Just couldn't get over the hump.


    I don't know what else to say right now. I'm sure I'll have other things at some point. Just really disappointed they couldn't answer the challenge tonight. The Jays are a really good team. NU had their chances, they just couldn't make it happen tonight. On to the next one...and what a doozy it is...

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    I hate to be too critical of anyone, and in fact I gave Miles credit for finding a guy like Taylor a while back on short notice.  However, that doesn't mean I need to see him playing.  When we struggle to score as it is, it extrapolates the problem bringing in guys that are even less capable of scoring. 

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    13 hours ago, nerdofalltrades said:

    Nebraska Men's athletics has a fractured psyche, it spans 15 years, multiple sports, coaches and AD's, no one in the building from the fans up believe that we can win these types of games or expects us to.  You could see it in the players eye's during the game, you can see it in fan's leaving early in the 2nd half, you could see it in Columbus during warm up's before the Ohio St game it was not going to go well for the football team.

    I agree, I feel like Dennis Quade's character in Major League II.  Nebraska men's sports is like a ground hog day that never ends.  I didn't watch much of the Creighton game, I checked in, and wasn't surprised by the score when I did.  Maybe I'm just getting older but I used to be locked in on every possession.  Maybe I'm still being effected by the Iowa football game but its been 15-16 years!  Husker men's sports, bring me back, bring me back.  Maybe this basketball team can do it this year, I dunno.

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    21 hours ago, The Polish Rifle said:

    I tend to agree with you, I think very highly of our young talent. But to play devils advocate, 3 years ago I was saying "Just wait until Hammonds, Hawkins, Pitchford, Smith and Fuller develop, then Creighton is in some real trouble." What remains to be seen is if this staff can develop these guys, and put them in a position to be successful. 

    Why would you have ever said that about Hammond, Hawkins, Pitchford, Smith, or Fuller?




    Let's start with Smith.  Good player for us, but he was a juco transfer.  There's no waiting for him to develop; he only has 2 years of eligibility.  If you're talking about the other Smith, it's hard to develop a player who has Andrew White's disease.


    The best I could find to say about Hammond was that he was tall and better than Sergej Vucetic, which isn't saying much.


    Never was impressed with or confident in Nathan Hawkins or his ability to develop.  Had some hopes that Fuller would emerge as a situational shooter but never more than a role player.


    And Pitchford?  Well, that topic has been beaten to death and then some.


    Give me Jordy, Roby, Jeriah, Ed, Glynn, Michael, and Jack over that group any day.

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