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  • uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: Vol 9, Ed 13 - @ Indiana


    That was fun!


    - What to say! They just went out and took it to the Hoosiers. They withstood the IU run to end the first half and responded. There's a lot of really great things to take from this.

    - I think we've found our 8 man rotation.

    - Zero minutes from McVeigh. We'll see him again, I think, but he's gonna have to earn it when he gets his chances.

    - The freshmen looked like Big Ten players and under the Big Ten lights they didn't buckle.

    - Ed is a man. I was worried when he fouled out, but dang, he is tough to handle.

    - I was suprised they went with the 3 guard lineup to start. But clearly coach thinks that's the best 5 to start games. It was telling Roby was on the floor in crunch time and not Jordy when Ed went out.

    - So, I think Horne's earned some more minutes, huh?

    - Watson went straight cold-blooded killer down the stretch.

    - The Watson and Webster tandem is going to be one of the better back courts in the conference. I'm not the first to say that, but you're probably gonna get 35-40 a night from that duo. That's a solid base to build off of.

    - Though Jacobson did a lot of dirty work tonight that people aren't going to see in the box score. Would be great if he could get a little more going in the scoring column, though.

    - I don't know what switch was flipped at halftime, but they handled that zone 10 times better in the 2nd half than they did in the 1st. Roby, particularly made quick decisions and found open shooters. Tonight they hit some of those shots. He also missed some opportunities to get to the rim. When he learns to do that, he's gonna be a real handful.

    - If outworking teams becomes the MO of this team, they're going to have a nice conference run. If they can combine that with the talent they've got on the floor more often, like they did today, the future suddenly becomes very, very bright.

    - They have 3 games I think they'd really like to have back: Clemson, Virginia Tech and, of course, Gardner-Webb. They canceled out one of them tonight.

    - The real test will be how they build off this win. Do they play well vs. Maryland? What about when they come home vs. Iowa and Northwestern? This game will increase in value if do. Three years ago, they rode the wave of the win in MSU to the dance. This team is more talented than that one, but not sure if they're ready to do that yet. Last year, they didn't really capitalize on the win at Mich. St. Hopefully they do this time.

    - This is the first time since joining the Big Ten that NU has opened conference play with a win. Kinda nice for a change.

    - I thought the difficult non-conference schedule came into play tonight. You could tell the guys weren't afraid of Assembly Hall. They'd gone into Allen Fieldhouse and held their own for much of that game and KU is better than IU. They'd taken #2 and undefeated UCLA to the wire. They're better than the Hoosiers, too. I'm guessing it'll be a fairly sleepy atmosphere in Maryland on Sunday. Hopefully the Huskers will be wide awake and can sneak one out of there, too.

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    2 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

    We could actually use Indiana to win some games.  We CANNOT have that win look mediocre 

    Well, I guess we'll just have to beat Wisconsin as well. ;)


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