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    uneblinstu’s postgame chatter: vol 11, ed 3 - Seton Hall

    • #25 Huskers throttle Seton Hall 80 - 57

      Phantom foul and needless clock stoppage awaken the crowd and the Huskers 




    That game went largely as I expected. This team is pretty good, folks. It’ll be even better when Roby isn’t starting in a production of Phantom of the Opera. 


    - Glynn is playing at an incredible level right now. He was unbelievable to start this game. 

    - I hope you/we/I appreciate this collection of talent on this team. It's not a perfect team and there are still things to work on but if this is our starting point, we could be in for an amazing year.

    - I loved, loved, loved how the team responded after the Phantom call on Roby. That could have buckled lesser teams. I've seen it take the legs out of NU teams in the past.

    - This team has a killer instinct. 

    - PBA was great tonight, especially in the second half when things got weird.

    - Heiman and Borchardt looked fairly effective tonight. Knew where to be, didn't back down. That's all we need from them.

    - I'm not sure I've ever seen a dunk by a Husker the likes of what I witnessed from Roby tonight. Goodness, gracious!

    - Why did we have a four minute delay to adjust the clock two seconds?

    - The officiating tonight was as brutal as I've ever seen. Just obnoxious.

    - The 3 point shooting probably won't be great this season, but I think it will be effective. They are so good at getting to the line, especially JPJ and our defense should be really good that they can afford to not be elite from deep.

    - Seton Hall had no answer for JPJ tonight. Je just took over the second half. It was a sight to behold.

    - I haven't looked at a box score yet, but I thought we rebounded pretty well.

    - I'm just so freaking excited about what we saw tonight. The ceiling for the team is super high. I can't wait to see what this team becomes.

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    31 minutes ago, huskerbaseball13 said:

    Just got back into the country. We’re we as dominating at the 23 point win suggest? I though we would win but was shocked to see the score when we landed. 

    Dominate, no.  We seemed to control the game throughout and through most of the game we lead in the six to ten range.  Our shooting was below average and that let SH hang in there.  There were a chain of events (uhh, poor calls) that let SH get to within two.  The crowd and the team then seemed to move to another gear and we went on a big run, allowing us to pull away the last ten minutes.  


    So it wasn't a curb stomp, but it was a great game to watch and get absorbed in.  

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    19 hours ago, burgundy95 said:

    Matty D, keep reaching for things to piss off Nebraska fans because your Jays suck this year. Good luck in the CBI.







    Pot calling the kettle black....



    Then, like the tinder date, the flaws started to come out. Jefferson got penalized for his second foul of the contest. You found out your date was your cousin. Alexander got his second foul as well. You found out your date wants to continue the date regardless of the new information. The offense went from stale to non-existent. You remember the story of your cousin’s unrepentant rage from high school, which caused an ‘incident’ that forced them into a military academy in Delaware, where they were kicked out for being too ‘aggressive,’ leading to a vagabond lifestyle that turned into a series of criminal acts that are too ‘R’ rated to talk about at family dinners. Martin Krampelj got his second foul on something the refs hallucinated, a foul so out of our reality that Krampelj ended up with his ass on the floor. Your cousin then asks you for your phone number and, in a fit of panic, you give it to them.

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    8 hours ago, 49r said:


    The refs controlled the other 2%

    Wow okay I was rewatching the game and the call just somehow actually got worse. I had it all written out but I'm going to save it for the podcast. But wow by this standard being guarded is literally a foul. Honestly though besides that one Roby made some bad mistakes and the way they were calling this game I'm not sure how much more he really would have played. Thomson did commit more egregious fouls but he had 4 fouls in 5 minutes.

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