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    HHC Report Card: 2012 Michigan Wolverines Home

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    Explaining The Grades:


    Near Flawless  A   PoorD
                Good  B  AwfulF



    Two points in the first 7:59, 15 points at the half. Two points in the first 5:08 of the second. Twenty-one percent in the first half, 39% for the game. 46 points, but sixteen points in the last three minutes to make it look better than it was.

    Brandon Richardson's seven points in the first half was the only thing that kept the Huskers in the game in the first half. He gets the player of the game honors because he kept the Huskers competitive when Michigan was struggling. After the half, nothing of consequence was accomplished.



    Holding the Wolverines to 32% in the first half kept the Huskers from being out of the game after 20 minutes, but chalk that up to Tim Hardaway Jr. going 0 for 7 in the first period. They gave up in the second half, surrendering a ton of open looks in the paint and allowing Hardaway to break out of his slump and surrendering 9 points to Matt Vogrich a 1.8 ppg scorer this season.




    Huskers led in rebounds 27 to 20 with 8 offensive boards, but the inability to make baskets gave them more chances for boards. Ubel pulled down 9 rebounds.




    Poor shooting killed the Huskers tonight, but the turnovers prevented the Huskers from making any run at Michigan when they were also struggling to score.  The Huskers travelling, charges, and poor court awareness just made the game uglier.



    Tried a little zone, played one freshman when the game was still in question (a little)  but other than that, there just seemed to be no effort to shake things up and find an answer to a Michigan team that has some talent but is not as good as the Huskers made them look in the second half.



    Not much to say, just another nail in the pine box of this season.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME:  Brandon Richardson


    Bo Spencer - 6

    Brandon Richardson- 6

    Toney McCray - 5

    Jorge Brian Diaz - 3

    Brandon Ubel - 1

    Dylan Talley - 1

    Josiah Moore - 1

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