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    03/02/2013 - At Illinois Report Card


      OFFENSE: A

      Nebraska shot a solid 46% from the field, including a sizzling 50% (9-18) from downtown.

      Converting from long distance is what enabled the Huskers to hang around in this game, as our Co Players of the Game Ray Gallegos hit on 6-13 from downtown (en route to 23 points) while Dylan Talley finished at 2-3 (with 20 points). Both guys played all 40 minutes and Talley dished out 5 assists to go along with 5 boards.

      Combined, the two scored 43 of NU's 65 points, or roughly 2/3's!

      One thing I will say is that I didn't like how many key shots David Rivers was taking in the final five minutes of the game. This is not to hate on Rivers at all, as he played another solid ball game and gave all he had (which was quite a lot!). He had a couple of very nice offensive rebounds and put backs, as well as getting to the free throw line, and had a big block defensively in the first half. He played well.

      However, I would have preferred to see any of the other four players on the floor (Ubel, Shields, Talley, Gallegos) taking shots in the final few minutes of a game.

      Once again, Ubel was a ghost in this game, finishing with just 6 points and 4 rebounds in 40 minutes.

      All in all, for the way this basketball team is built, 65 points and 46% is pretty darn good - NU just couldn't get stops.


    Give Illinois credit because they hit some pretty difficult shots in this basketball game.

    The obvious was the big three at the end of the first half. But both Brandon Paul (14 points) and D.J. Richardson (13 points) also had end of shot clock, extremely difficult shots that were created by individual talent.

    Nebraska also gave up 13 points off of turnovers, so the defense wasn't quite as bad as the stats would indicate (72 points and 44% from the field allowed, while only forcing 10 turnovers).

    However, the Huskers could not get any stops in the final five minutes of the game, and Illinois made its free throws (15-18, 83%), making this game impossible to "steal on the road."


    Illinois won "the battle of the boards" by nine (35-26) which you can definitely live with.

    However, you have got to see more out of Ubel than just five rebounds in forty minutes.

    In fact, no Huskers had more than five boards for the night.

    Still, the 'Skers were solid on the glass.


    11 turnovers and 11 assists - decent.

    Actually, 11 turnovers is pretty good in the grand scheme, but the manner in which NU racked these giveaways up was NOT good.

    Most of these were unforced, especially early on, when the Huskers had seven first half giveaways.

    Several were dropped balls or throw aways or the such and as noted above, led to a number of Illinois points.

    So this is one of those games where the stats can be deceiving - NU faced little to no defensive pressure but still gave the ball away more than it normally does and in a way that led to more points than it normally would.


    Nebraska was ready to play and looked crisp, confident and collected throughout this game.

    The Huskers had an answer for the majority of big Illinois baskets and Tim Miles deserves a lot of the credit.

    Miles rolled the dice like a River Boat Gambler in leaving Shavon Shields in their with three fouls throughout the second half. He won the bet as Shields was able to play without fouling out.

    Miles did a nice job massaging this game with timeouts and kept his players fresh until the final four or five minutes, when they just had nothing left and the better team pulled away.


    Nebraska played a forty minute game on the road against a middle of the pack Big 10 team, which is impressive considering it did so with just six players AND just four days after getting "ripped a new one" in Madison.

    You have to be pleased with that fact, especially considering that Illinois played probably a "B" level game themselves in making some big time shots at the end of shot clocks and converting at the foul line time after time.

    Let's hope NU can send out the Bob Devaney Sports Center in style on Wednesday night with a sold out crowd and exciting win - one which would get the Huskers the 10 seed in a year it was picked at the very bottom!









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    I'm very impressed with what Miles has accomplished with this team this season.  Illinois is a capable team and for NU to battle them to the end is a tribute to the players and coaches.  Well done.

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    I'd go Gallegos for player of the game.  Miles probably should have used a timeout to draw something up for him in the final three minutes.


    Not sure I would give the offense an A just because it was mainly Gallegos and Talley.  But we will take what we can get at this point.

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    I might give Miles an A minus for not giving Almeida a few minutes unless he was still hurt. It might have rested Ubel a bit more for the end of the game effort- might have even finished off that dunk.

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    I'd vote for Talley. He went "man up" with one of the best scorers in the League and held him relatively in check. Some of those shots Paul hit in the 2nd half were downright silly.

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    The body language has been telling me...and apparently is clear to Coach Miles, that Andre does not want to be on the floor.  Too bad, I would like to see something turn on within his ears to provide effort and minutes for the remainder of this season.

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