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    HHC Report Card: Alcorn State Braves


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    23 points in the first half is inexcusable.

    60 points for the game is bad.

    The Huskers finished 40% from the field in this game, but with 5 minutes left, they were at 34%.

    What's scary is that without our Player of the Game, Toney McCray, performing at his highest level of the season (9-11, 20 points in 33 minutes), the Huskers would have won this game by their finger nails.

    The Big Red continue to refuse to go down low. Brandon Ubel should have scored 20 points in this contest (he had 13) and NU should have gotten point blank layups and dunks much sooner than the final five minutes of the contest. Once again, the Huskers couldn't figure out a way to go inside on a consistent basis.



    I am the first to say "the proof is in the pudding," as in, the scoreboard.

    So, holding the Braves to 46 points is pretty darn good.

    However, NU allowed Alcorn State to connect on 46% from the field, including 50% in the first half.

    The one saving grace for Nebraska was that ASU turned it over 18 times.

    Had the Braves taken better care of the basketball, this game might have been totally different.



    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that Nebraska grabbed 17 offensive boards tonight. They had a clear advantage down low, even without Jorge Brian Diaz, and they were able to exploit it, out boarding the Braves 35 to 26.

    Caleb Walker continues to play bigger than he is, as the senior grabbed 8 boards. Ubel also finished with 8, while McCray pulled down 7.



    For the second straight game, Nebraska finished with eleven turnovers, which is right around where it wants to be.

    However, as we mentioned earlier, this offense needs to wake up. It doesn't look the least bit crisp and our possessions very rarely are consistently going through the post. That HAS to change.

    However, if it hasn't by now, I'm starting to wonder if it will, as we aren't exactly early in the season anymore and we're a pretty experienced bunch with better competition on the horizon.



    Nebraska continues to NOT UNDERSTAND what it needs to do on offense. Doc himself continues to pound this point home, that NU doesn't go down low enough.

    Furthermore, he admits the defense was also poor tonight in the first half. We came out with absolutely no intensity and that is on the coach. We didn't use timeouts at any point until our typical use it or lose it the last possession, in which we didn't even get a shot off.

    My biggest gripe from tonight was Trevor Menke and Mike Fox playing, period. MAYBE the last minute, once we were easily up in double figures.

    But no way in heck do they need to be playing with 8 minutes left, especialy Menke, who HADN'T PLAYED THE WHOLE YEAR, and not even in this first half. Yet, he puts in 4 minutes in the second half.

    Combined, Menke and Fox played 15 minutes.

    David Rivers and Josiah Moore played 18 and 12, respectively.

    I have to think Rivers could have taken 8 of those 15 minutes and Moore could have taken 7, for 26 and 19, respectively. Those are two players who we WILL need later this year and next year, not Menke and Fox. Don't understand the logic in them playing earlier in the game, but our starters still on the floor with 1 minute left.



    Not much to be happy about tonight. It was a given we were going to win this game. Though, to our credit, we flirted with challenging that date with fate and destiny.

    McCray was a huge bright spot, but it is worrisome that he can't play over 30 minutes without his feet being extremely sore.

    Bo Spencer had another off night, and its worrisome that when he's not hot, we can't score points. Even when he is, we can't score points.

    We are in for a ball game Tuesday night, especially without Diaz. If we play anything less than a "B" level of basketball, we will lose.

    PLAYER OF THE GAME: Toney McCray


    Bo Spencer - 3

    Caleb Walker - 2

    Jorge Brian Diaz - 2

    Brandon Richardson - 1

    Brandon Ubel - 1

    Toney McCray 1

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