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    HHC Chat with Walter Pitchford

    Recently we pulled together some questions our forum members had for recent 6'10" Nebrasketball transfer Walter Pitchford.  Pitchford will be sitting out the 2012-13 season after transferring from Florida.  Let's get started!

    HHC: What other schools did you look at after you decided to transfer? What drew you to Tim Miles and Nebraska?

    Pitchford: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, I wanted to be in the Big 10.  What drew me to Coach Miles is that he is a winner with passion.  What drew me to the school was that it has great academic, and a chance to help build the program into a champion.


    HHC: You did a lot of sitting at Florida. What is the number one thing you learned there? Also, what can you tell Husker fans that will lead them to believe that you will be significant player at Nebraska?

    Pitchford: Yes, I did a lot of sitting at Florida.  I am still pulling splinters, LOL.   First off, I believe in the team first concept, and through hard practicing and good direction from our coaches we will have success.  When we as a group buy into that concept, then we win.  All of the guys on the team have great will to win.


    HHC: What did you know about the state of Nebraska before visiting? Had you ever really thought about Nebraska before? Had you ever heard anything?

    Pitchford: My cousin attended one of the colleges in Nebraska about ten years ago.  I heard they had great steaks.  Now, I know they have great steaks!  I had never considered Nebraska before but with Nebraska in the Big Ten it became appealing and I expect the program to blow up.  I heard that Nebraska is a Champion football school.


    HHC: What did your friends and teammates from Florida think of Nebraska when you told them where you were transferring here? Having seen an elite program in person, what do you think is the most important thing that we need to do to get to that level?

    All of my teammates and friends were happy for me.  We have the best facilities, we are in a great league, we have smart coaches, we just need to recruit and win.


    HHC: How do the physical facilities, not counting the soon to be retired arena, compare with those at Florida? How much of a factor did the new facilities play a part in your decision to come to NU? Was coach Donovan supportive of your transfer or did he make an effort to get you to reconsider?

    Pitchford: Florida has nice facilities, better than most.  But, what we have here in Nebraska is the new and improved version. The “Crème de la crème”… NBA level.  The facility 25%, the coaching 25%, academics 25%, and the city of Lincoln 25%.  Along with personal pride, our facilities should make you want to be the best at what you do. Coach Donovan was supportive because it was a family decision.


    HHC: How active will you/can you be in helping to recruit other players to come play for Nebraska?

    Pitchford: I plan to be extremely active to recruit good guys as much as the rules and coach allows.  The word has to go out loud that you can get to the next level here at Nebraska, be it NBA, Olympics, Wall Street, NFL, WNBA, Supreme Court, or High-Tech.  As a Cornhusker, you can get to the next level, it’s all up to you.


    HHC: Who do you pattern your game after and who was your basketball hero growing up?

    Pitchford: I pattern my game after Kevin Durant.  My basketball heroes are Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, and Rashard Lewis

    HHC: Do you follow NBA basketball? If so, do you have a favorite team/player?

    Pitchford: Yes, I follow NBA basketball.  My favorite team is OKC and player, Kevin Durant.


    HHC: What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Pitchford: I do not have much spare time.  However, I like eating good foods and watching comedy movies.


    HHC: Anything else you think we should know about you?

    Pitchford: I like different types of music.  I take seriously, the things that are important to me in my life, all jokes aside!

    You can follow Walter on twitter @pitchit35


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