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    Game Day Essentials: Game #24 vs Wisconsin

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      Nebraska Cornhuskers (10-13) vs Wisconsin Badgers (20-3)


      Date: Thursday Feb. 9

      Time: 8:00 pm CST 
      Arena: PBA

      TV Broadcast:  BTN

    Wisconsin Info

    Head Coach: Greg Gard
    Location: Madison, WI
    Conference: B1G
    Nickname: Badgers

    Mascot: Bucky Badger
    Last time out: Beat Indiana
    Typical Rotation Depth: 10
    Line: Wisconsin by 8.5
    Tempo: S-L-O-W
    Style: Middling assist/Middling 3p attempt

    4 Factors Good: Rebounding, not fouling
    4 Factors Bad: Not fouling

    Four Factors
    Effective FG%: 53.3 70 46.0 32 50.4
    Turnover %: 17.2 68 20.3 89 18.8
    Off. Reb. %: 37.2 11 23.6 8 29.5
    FTA/FGA: 32.8 251 25.1 13 35.5




    Most Frequently Used Lineup over the last 5 games

    5 Glynn Watson
    6-0  175  So
    0 Tai Webster
    6-4  195  Sr
    11 Evan Taylor
    6-5  206  Jr
    10 Jack McVeigh
    6-8  215  So
    12 Michael Jacobson
    6-9  230  So
    24 Bronson Koenig
    6-3  190  Sr
    3 Zak Showalter
    6-3  185  Sr
    30 Vitto Brown
    6-8  235  Sr
    10 Nigel Hayes
    6-8  240  Sr
    22 Ethan Happ
    6-10  232  So


    Will Hayes and/or Brown take advantage inside when guarded by smaller players


    Miles Presser

    • Injury updates: Morrow, Watson day to day; everyone else is ok
    • McVeigh good with communicating, off-ball on defense; slow as a on-ball defender.  Offensively when confident will do more than just hang out at the 3pt line
    • With extra time Miles spent some of this week meeting individually with players 
    • Wisconsin is a team that won't beat themselves; they also don't vary their defense per opponent
    • What does Watson need to do to go to the next level


    Jacobson Presser


    • How do you defend Happ? "I'm hoping Jordy and Ed handle that" (Does that mean Ed is coming back????)
    • Strech 4 vs Post play
    • Attempting to grow a mustache




    Player to Watch: Ethan Happ

    Happ is currently in the running for B1G POTY along with National Defensive POTY consideration.  Lead the Badgers in scoring, rebounding, blocks, and steals.  His one weakness is FT shooting where he's been around 50% this year.




    The Skinny

    Is Ed coming back? Maybe it's just the way that Jacobson talks but it's really starting to look that way.  The Huskers will need as much size as they can through against this Wisconsin front court because doubling down to give Koenig or any of the other Wisconsin 3 pt shooters open looks is a death sentence. Wisconsin actually hasn't been that great shooting the 3 this year and have been in a noted slump for the last 5 games. Are they ready to rebound vs Nebraska's slump busting 3pt defense or can the Huskers close out?


    Offensively can Nebraska scrape together enough against a Wisconsin team that doesn't tend to foul much while clogging up the middle?  Wisconsin does a good job at limiting your 3pt looks but opponents are still shooting well against them. Will Jack, Jeriah, and Glynn have it tonight?  Can Tai break out of his 3pt slump?


    Can Nebraska's guard play overcome Wisconsin's front court? Wisconsin probably wins this thing but the potential return of Ed Morrow gives you that fuzzy feeling that Nebraska can pull off another big one.


    Prediction: Nebraska 68 - Wisconsin 65 with a 45% chance of Runzas.

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