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    Game Day Essentials: Game #14 vs Delaware St

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      Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-5) vs Delaware St. Hornets (2-11)


      Date: Friday Dec 22, 2017

      Time: 7 pm CST 
      Arena: PBA

      TV Broadcast:  No (BTN +)

    Delaware St Info

    Head Coach: Keith Walker
    Location: Dover, DE
    Conference: MEAC
    Nickname: Hornets
    Last time out: Lost to Pittsburgh
    Typical Rotation Depth: 7+
    Line: None


    Tempo: Slow / Zone

    Style: Low assist % / Low 3pa%

    4 Factors Good: None
    4 Factors Bad: EF%

    Four Factors
    Effective FG%: 44.4 331 58.4 333 50.9
    Turnover %: 22.6 317 17.9 239 19.3
    Off. Reb. %: 29.6 164 38.2 346 29.2
    FTA/FGA: 30.3 253 35.4 206 34.0


    Pregame:  Herbie Claus will be on the concourse before the game.

    Shirt not wear: Charlotte Hornets

    Impress you friends: We are probably going to be the best team (KenPom ranking) that Delaware St plays this year.


    Anagram Time



    Please refer to Artem Tavakalyan as "Meaty Naval Karat tonight.




    Most Frequent Lineups over the last 5 games



    PG SG SF PF C Pct
    5 Glynn Watson
    6-0  173  Jr
    11 Evan Taylor
    6-5  208  Sr
    24 James Palmer
    6-6  210  Jr
    14 Isaac Copeland
    6-9  221  Jr
    32 Jordy Tshimanga
    6-11  268  So

    Delaware St

    PG SG SF PF C Pct
    4 Johquin Wiley
    5-11  175  Fr
    11 Jonathan Walker
    6-3  185  Sr
    10 Kavon Waller
    6-5  210  Sr
    24 Artem Tavakalyan
    6-6  210  Sr
    23 Simon Okolue
    6-10  230  Jr


    Notice the 6'10" post player they roll out?  I think we see Jordy tonight because of this and should he struggle we'll see a lineup change next Friday vs the Stetson Hatters.




    Players to watch: Simon Okolue

    The 6'10" Juco center is leading the team in points, rebounds and blocks. Will the Huskers fall back into their traditional pack line against a team like this that doesn't make or take many 3s?


    The Skinny

    One way to not lose a pay game is to schedule them on weekends.  Another way is to schedule really bad teams.  Tonight we have both as Huskers are basically buying themselves a win here as a fairly punchless Delaware St. 


    The Hornets slow things down a bit as they run a lot of various zones and after made baskets will steal more time with a 3/4 court 1-2-2. There should be a lot of open 3s tonight. Will we give up on driving to the rim? You never really know what sort of effort you'll get on either end in a game like this. Offensively the Hornets will also burn through a lot of shot clock as they try and minimize possessions/put you to sleep.  Okolue, sharpshooting anagram Artem Tavakalyan, and Johquin "Pinky" Wiley are the guys to look for but this team doesn't necessarily have a go to guy. Wiley is especially sloppy with the ball at the point so you'll have some breakaway potential. 


    As with any games there is always the danger of losing as a sub-standard Pittsburgh team tried to prove last Tuesday against the Hornets.  This Nebraska team is too talented to lose this game even if they sleep walk their way through it, right?


    Prediction: Nebraska 84 - Delaware St 61

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