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    Coach Miles Radio Hour - Lost Coach Edition


    Starting in a few minutes on Sports Nightly - I'll try to post some of what is said

    I think this is the first one of the year perhaps?

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    Greg Sharp is hosting at Carlos O'Kelly's in North Lincoln ... but Coach Miles went to the Carlos O'Kelly's in South Lincoln, so he's driving in Lincoln & is on the phone.  He's pretty embarrassed I think  :P  Says he's only run two red lights to try to get to North Lincoln as fast as he can


    • Biggs & Ray both did a nice job in their opening games
    • Played small to run motion vs SCSt zone defense
    • Early in the year always worried about playing against a zone because don't see it in practice much early
    • Biggs can really get to the rim
    • So can Webster & both get fouled at a high rate
    • Ultimately we were able to get Ray open 3s, which are a high percentage shot for him

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    Under new rules:


    • Shavon, BIggs & Tai will really benefit from new rules to get to FT line
    • Surprised Petteway hasn't gotten to the FT line more


    VS SCSt


    • Made some adjustments in the 2nd half to better deal with zone
    • Started the game 19 possessions, only gave up 10 pts
    • Next 14 possessions, gave up 21 pts, poor defense to close 1st half
    • With Smith, Biggs, joining other starters early in 2nd half, the defensive play picked up & led to transition pts

    Five scorers in double figures:


    • More versatility, more balance always helps
    • Need to put together the right rotations, because you can't have 5 scorers on the floor at the same time
    • Need guys to do the dirty work with a few scorers
    • Need defined roles & make sure everyone understands to play for each other

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    Outrebounded by SCSt?


    • Surprised we were outrebounded, done a pretty good job before this game
    • Situations where we just didn't come up with the ball
    • Ability to come up with loose balls can decide the game, 50/50 balls, must do better
    • That's why we were outrebounded, need to emphasize it more mentally & in practice

    Great field in Charleston, how will team respond on road?


    • Excited for tourney - great competition
    • You want this
    • UMass picked to go to NCAAs, New Mex nationally ranked, UAB picked high in its league
    • We're the only ones there picked dead last
    • We have to prove we belong
    • Then on last day, Georgia, Clemson, Davidson, Temple, all good programs, well coached
    • Should be a lot of fun, hope to have plenty of NU fans here
    • I love in season tourneys, had success in the past
    • Very helpful for team to have to come back one day later & make quick adjustments
    • Some teams handle it well, some don't - I've had both types
    • Curious to see how we come out 
    • Never know how you'll respond until you're smacked in the mouth

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    • Been a whirlwind since March 2012
    • Great enthusiasm from fans
    • Great to do this show live out with the fans - very cool to have the energy
    • Hopefully we'll have some interesting things to listen to


    SCSt Crowd?


    • Great to have that large of a crowd on a Sunday
    • SCSt played very well
    • We've got some issues to work through, but we didn't make as many defensive errors vs SCSt as we did vs WIU
    • Not great to throw ball away 7 seconds in
    • Like some flair in my guards, some daring - exciting to have guys who can get into the lane


    Phone: UMass looks tough - how will our defense hold up? How is Biggs' defense, I've watched him since 8th grader


    • I don't have to answer, you know how he does on defense
    • UMass, I just hope Dr. J doesn't suit up, that wouldn't be good
    • Wing player was on play of the day with huge dunk
    • Very athletic, very impressive
    • Good thing about this tournament, see a lot of different things
    • I think we're allowing 0.85 pts per possession, which is solid
    • Of course vs our competition so far, we should be about there
    • Struggles are always the same, guarding the ball, screen & roll defense
    • Need to block out & rebound better, didn't do that well vs SCSt
    • Pitchford doesn't give us a lot of physical presence on defense, Smith does
    • We need to do better with doubling & help


    Tai's FT %?


    • FT shooting gets in your head
    • Tai is in Top 15 of the country right now in FTs attempted
    • We'll get him squared away - or threaten him

    Sharp: Tai's adjustment to U.S./college basketball?


    • Doing well
    • Picking things up
    • We run a set, called elbow, one of the guys said it was Princeton, Tai asked "Who's Princeton"
    • Just have to acclimate him to everything
    • Takes some things very literally - have to re-explain some things
    • Great learning curve for him
    • As his shooting becomes more comfortable, he'll settle in
    • Need a distributor, too, so he needs to blend

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    Phone: Amount of time in practice facility vs arena?


    • Call came from Hastings, was worried it was Coach Osborne
    • Still calls me on occasion
    • He called me one time at 5 am, I was asleep - I called him back, left message, didn't want to accuse him of butt-dialing me, asked if it was a mis-dial, didn't want to use the term "butt-dial" - TO called him back, didn't want to admit he had misdialed, said he had been told Miles didn't sleep, so just wanted to check in, see if it was true
    • Love practicing in practice facility, but we do need to work with arena's shooting background
    • Need to practice more FT shooting at arena - tough to get done with just 2 baskets in there and 15 players
    • Try to schedule certain times to go in & shoot FTs, still working out schedule
    • Great practice facility, but we need time in the arena

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    Sharp: Recruiting - Hammond?


    • Top 150 player
    • 6-9, 6-10, don't know how tall they are once they get that much taller than me
    • Neat kid from Okla
    • Plays a very physical game
    • Good shooting touch 15-17 feet
    • Good frame, wingspan more than his height
    • Will develop into a good Big Ten player
    • We're in a holding pattern for last scholarship for incoming 2014 class
    • Make a better decision in the spring about exactly what we need
    • You get 12 official visits, used 4 or 5, so we're in good shape
    • Nice to bring players in while we're playing games, just hard because they're playing games too
    • We get more football recruits at our bball games than bball recruits
    • Can bring out jrs after the 1st of the year, but that counts against 12

    Pitchford & Petteway?


    • Both can be very productive
    • Petteway is a perfectionist, may be trying to hard
    • Very smart about learning game plans, knowing opponent tendencies
    • Once he makes more shots, will relax & numbers will get better
    • Pitchford is tough matchup with his ability from 3
    • Even when he gives up a basket on one end, can score 3 on other end, so we're still up 1
    • WIU coach gave Miles some good advice after game
    • WIU said big lineup was very tough to go against, but we don't have a lot of size off the bench then
    • Maybe our best lineup is to go big


    Big Ten fast start? 34-3?


    • Good league
    • We knew it would be like this, we wanted this
    • Move to Big Ten is very beneficial to NU bball
    • The depth of league is only rivaled by ACC


    Helps RPI? Same thing occurred a year ago?


    • NU was only team last year under .500 in RPI top 100
    • But RPI is only good when you win
    • That's why this week is so important


    Balancing Charleston trip with business & fun?


    • Going early to do sight-seeing
    • Practicing early in day, so can go out and have fun
    • Then come back and get ready
    • Get the hype out of the way early
    • Played in DisneyWorld tourney in the past
    • Idea is get them out, get them in the theme park, get it out of their heads & then focus on business

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    Great to be 3-0?

    • I like hearing that we're undefeated, so I say it all summer

    Call from Panhandle: When will Peltz get to shoot more?


    • I've tried to tell him to do that, but he won't shoot more ... or cut his hair
    • Had a long meeting with him today about his role in rotation
    • He's right on the fringe of the rotation now, which is tough to handle
    • He wants what's best for the team
    • Great kid, wins every sprint
    • Would wreak havoc on football special teams


    Call from Panhandle: NCAA Tourney win will come when? 


    • I won't make a prediction on when it'll happen
    • But i want one this year and next year and etc

    Sharp: Maybe Alliance could produce a male version of Hooper?


    • I tried trading for Hooper, but Connie punched me in the shoulder, wouldn't hear of it
    • She's tougher than me




    • They have great length and athleticism
    • lots of balance, rebounds well, turns you over, Williams gets to hoop, many ways they can get you
    • Look on tape, they look intimidating, but the more you look the more holes you see
    • But really don't know if you can exploit them until you get on the floor with them
    • Hopefully I'm not such a slow learner that we can't make adjustments fast enough Thursday
    • They played tough teams out of the box, we'll play our big name schools later in non-con
    • We all want the resume that looks attractive
    • UMass will be a really good opponent
    • We'll be an underdog, those are the most fun games to win
    • Going home to pack right now

    That's it for tonight

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