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    1. Which Facility Is Better? Ours


      Internet decides that Pinnacle Bank Arena is Most Best

    2. Welcome to the new HHC

    3. WBB: Game #7 vs Maryland

      Big Ten/ACC Challenge

      #21 Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-1) vs. #11 Maryland Terrapins (3-1)

      Wednesday, Nov. 28, 7 p.m.

      Bob Devaney Sports Center (Lincoln, Neb.)

      TV: Big Ten Network

      (Kevin Kugler, Play-by-Play; Debbie Antonelli, Analyst)

      Free Internet Audio: Huskers.com

      Radio: 25-Station IMG College Husker Sports Network (PBP-Matt Coatney; Analyst-Jeff Griesch)

      (KBBK 107.3 FM, Lincoln; KFFF 93.3 FM, Omaha; KRVN 880 AM, Lexington; KNEB 960 AM, Scottsbluff; KGMT 1310 AM, Fairbury; KWBE 1450 AM, Beatrice)

      Huskers Take on Terps in Top 25 Battle in Big Ten/ACC Challenge

      The No. 21 Nebraska women's basketball team returns to the Bob Devaney Sports Center for a top-25 clash with No. 11 Maryland in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge on Wednesday, Nov. 28. Tip-off the between the Huskers (5-1) and Terrapins (3-1) is set for 7 p.m. at the Devaney Center with live national television coverage on the Big Ten Network.

    4. WBB: Game #18 @ Purdue

      5723.jpg Nebraska Cornhuskers (12-5, 3-3)


      86x2yna1eg3g9e1t1cun.gif Purdue Boilermakers (14-3, 4-1)


      Wednesday, Jan. 20, 6 p.m.
      Mackey Arena (West Lafayette, IN.)


      Social Media: twitter-bird-16x16.png@HuskersWBB facebook_icon_small.gif Nebraska Women's Basketball instagram_logo.gif Instagram
      Radio: Husker Sports Network (Matt Coatney, Jeff Griesch) (5:45 pre-game)
      Wednesday's Stations

      • KBBK 107.3 FM, Lincoln
      • KKCD 105.9, FM, Omaha
      • KRGY 97.3 FM, Grand Island
      • KRVN 880 AM, Lexington
      • KHAQ 98.5 FM, North Platte
      • KNEB 94.1 FM, Scottsbluff

      Free Live Audio: Huskers.com & @TuneIn App / TuneIn.com
      Live Premium Video: BTN Plus

    5. Watson is N


      Top 100 PG Glynn Watson joins Michael Jacobson as the Husker's second underclassman recruit for 2015. Glynn is from Westchester, IL where he plays for St. Joesph's HS and the Illinois Wolves AAU squad. Watson made his announcement Sunday, canceling an upcoming recruiting trip to Creighton.

    6. US ALWAYS

    7. Uneblinstu's post-game chatter, volume 5, edition 11

      Jacksonville St

      Injuries, gentlement. Injuries. Andre had to come out a couple of times. That bad miss on the little hook shot in the first half came with a price. Andre pulled himself out of the game and appeared to have pulled something else as well.

      Miles' post-game, he talked about how Benny was hobbled. And David Rivers too. Benny could have come back in at the end for purposes of shooting free throws, but Miles didn't stick him back in. He's still being slowed by his ankle and his knee and whatever else. Apparently even took himself out of the game at one point.

      Rivers. Miles said he was hurting tonight, too. That's why he wasn't in at the end. That and it was just Shavon's night. But Rivers is still hobbled.
    8. uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: Vol 8, Issue 20 - @ Michigan State



      - Before the game, watching on the BTN app, they had a feed from the Breslin Center during intros. While the NU players were being introduced, get this, they were LEADING a "Go Green, Go White" cheer. While they were announcing NU players!!! Can you believe that?!? How rude!!! Also, the non-student fans weren't exactly into it. They were sitting and clapping and stuff. No standing. No standing until the first MSU bucket. Not sure most realize how good things at NU really are.
      - Pretty big defensive breakdown on the first play of the game.
      - Looked like White had a pretty clear shot at an offensive rebound on NU's first possession.
      - MSU got off to the fast start that NU couldn't allow. I like the time out :50 in, intensity clearly elevated after that.

    9. uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: Vol 8, Issue 11 - Rhode Island



      Miles alluded to this on the post game show...we've basically lost the games we were supposed to and won the game we were supposed to...this was a coin flip game and we got it done at home.

    10. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 6, ed 6: UAB


      Really disappointing effort, especially in the second half.

      - For all the talent that Pettaway possesses, he cost us at least 7 points today. His turnover on the inbounds play combined with the poor decision to take on the entire UAB defense which they blocked and turned into a wide open 3 for their best player may not have cost us the game, but it probably kept us from being within in striking distance at the end. Combine that with Smith's turnover at the end of the first half which led to a a couple of free throws and that's nine points just given away and instead of having a potentially seven or eight point lead at half, it was three. Who knows how the game changes if they go into the break up seven instead of three.

    11. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 6, ed 4 - SC State


      I will take the lead on this and let others join in...back home from the game.

      - We should have won this game big, and did.

      - Anybody else think the temperature in the PBA is too high...turn down the heat guys!

      - Still torks me off when I see fans who choose to leave early, leave behind the basket and in front of the student section and band. I absolutely hate it. If you are going to leave early, sneak out the back door!

      - We run a lot of isolation plays. We have a couple of players that CAN and do create.

      - FT shooting is spotty at best. I hope we can become more consistent. We MUST become more consistent.

    12. Uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 6, ed 3 - W. Illinois


      Congrats on Coach Miles getting win #300!

      - I thought they played pretty well the first half and into the second. Seemed to let up a bit as the game wore down. Not sure if that was a mental or physical thing.

      - I was impressed with the energy they played with to start the game. There clearly wasn't the energy in the building there was on Friday and they didn't let that impact their game. That was good to see.

      - Smith played well, for the most part, provided a boost in the first half when it seemed like we were struggling to find a shot. Showed some nice quickness, too.

    13. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 6, ed 2 - FGCU, PBA Opener!

      WOOO! That was awesome!

      - Foul trouble kept him from having a huge night, but we saw what a difference maker Webster can be. Kid's gonna light it up.

      - Shavon was, again, the best player on the floor tonight. He looks a touch quicker this year than last. Am I the only one that saw that?

    14. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 5, ed 9 - Creighton

      The Bob

      - Feel free to cry about the officiating. I heard a lot of it at the game. Feel free to cry about the flopping that Creighton does. I heard a lot of that at the game, too. And while Creighton does look a little like an international soccer team at times, they know how to make contact look like a foul. And that works in this game, like it or not, it works and it won't be the last time we see it this year, and tonight wan't the first time we've seen it. Early in the season, Coach Miles said this team didn't know to get to the line and we saw that today. There were opportunities for NU to get to the line, but we don't know how to do that. Creighton does. Don't blame the refs (except for the non traveling call on Gibbs).
      - The last two games were great and they weren't a mirage. Creighton is very good. NU got a little out of what it wanted to do and CU did a good job of taking away some of what Miles wanted to do and NU didn't have enough to respond.
    15. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 5, ed 8 - Tai Webster...err...USC


      - Yeah, I’m not worried about Webster. He was smiling all night. He was really eating up the attention.

      - Loved the move to have him and his family sit with Erick Strickland.

      - This was a great night for Nebraska basketball, both on and off the court.

      - Gotta give a big shout out to the Red Zone and crowd. They were great tonight. There was an awareness that this was a big game and Webster was in the building. It felt like a conference game with something on the line.

      - Something's clicked for Gallegos, at least, I hope it has. Ever since the stinker vs. Kent St., he's been locked in. I said it before the season that I thought Ray had as much to gain as anyone on the team from the coaching change. So far, that's proving true. If he does this again on Thursday, NU's likely to be in the game, but goodness, he gets that shot off quickly.

    16. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 5, ed 7 - Wake Forest


      - In my opinion, it’s a pretty big honor to have Bobby Valvano call our game during V Week.

      - Nice to get off to start off 14-6.

      - Liked some of what we did early defensively. Thought we did a nice job of keeping Wake from running. Some nice rotations and help.

      - Had some chances to extend the lead that it would have been nice to have. At the end of the half, too. That said, when Wake had opportunities after their run, they missed some opportunities, too.

      - Not sure I’m a fan of having Menke, Parker, Peltz and Rivers all on the floor at the same time.

      - Gave up a handful of put backs that were unfortunate. That could be a bit of a bad trend starting to develop.

      - Ubel is doing a lot of really good things.

    17. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 5, ed 4 - UNO

      Nebraska is 3-0. Not many expected that.

      Video Booth

      - UNO was the aggressor early and it showed. They shot well, played with an intensity that NU did not match until probably halftime. I think that aggression also wore down the Mavs as the game went on.

    18. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 5, ed 3 - Valparaiso


      - Lots of fouls means lots of Peltz and Tyrance. Tyrance especially really looked like a walk-on at times. Game looked to be moving pretty fast for him.

      - Ubel is playing pretty well, like a senior should. His back to back buckets after Valpo had cut it to 7 were big.

      - Not a lot of people believe in Almedia. I thought he played pretty well. He's a pretty solid shot blocker, rotated well on defense and made some really nice passes out of the double team. He just needs to convert. I think that will come, he's got the ability.

      - Ray looks so much better than he did his sophomore year. He's always had the leaping ability, we saw some of that, now he's knocking down shots confidently.

      - I didn't know what to expect from this team defensively this year. They seemed to have a good plan vs. Valpo.

    19. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 5, ed 25 - Michigan State

      Ray Gallegos

      I thought tonight was going to be the night. I really did. MSU was ripe for hte plucking, just couldn't get over the hump.

      - We just didn't have an answer for the on the post. Nix and Payne completely owned the glass tonight.

      - Positive assist to turn over ratio is nice.

      - Cool to see all the players on the court at halftime. Wald's kid was hilarious.

      - Lue seemed genuinely honored to be recognized like this.

      - Thought the uni's looked sweet. Second straight throwback that was miles better than what they actually wear.

      - I still want one of those tshirts. I hope they make them available.

    20. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 5, ed 10 - Oregon

      Home from Wake Forest

      - After the first half where both teams played pretty poorly the fact that Nebraska was only 10 down seemed pretty remarkable.
      - NU had some open looks they were unable to convert, which seems to happen to this team a bit too often.
      - Talley still trying to do too much on his own at times.
      - You can see the improvement in Shields game even in the short time that he's been on the floor. He's going to be good as he gets more comfortable. Glad to see he's toughing it out today.
      - Peltz had as rough a first half as I've seen anyone have in a long time.
      - NU got exploited in the paint a bit. Oregon athleticism gave NU fits, seemed to speed up NU.
      - Don't think NU did all that poorly vs. Oregon defensively, just couldn't get anything going on the other side.
    21. uneblinstu's post game chatter: vol 5, ed 1

      As I said earlier this week, not much to be learned from an exhibition game. I did take away a few things:

      - Fans want their Runza's.

      - Biggs is going to be good. There will be talk that he should play right now. Save it. This is the right decision. I don't care what Kent and Matt say.

    22. uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: ed 7, vol 17 - Wisconsin


      - At times, this looked like an NCAA team. I thought they played pretty well in the first half and they still were down by 10. Wisconsin is just good.

      - The difference in this one was that Wisconsin can put 5 guys you have to guard on the floor that can score at a time.

      - The "let Petteway get his, shut down Shavon" strategy worked beautifully for Wisconsin.

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