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like mentioned in an earlier post--------i think it would be very wise to shut jess down. between the knee and stress fracture, call it a season. burns? don't know enough about the procedure she is going to apparently have. might be wise to schedule that asap. maybe it's a "minor" procedure and her playing wouldn't be a problem. have to believe they will make the right decision on that one. 


let the healthy ones take over. especially woody------would like to see her get some well deserved playing time in the WNIT-----for all the hard work and sacrifice she has put in the past couple of years. 

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I think it would be silly for a young team like this to turn down the WNIT.  Probably means a home game for at least a couple of  rounds.  Sit the injured ones if you must, but give the rest some extra practice time and the experience.  Might come in handy in the NCAA's next year.


This could be nothing but good for the team, especially if they can win a game or two. Would sure help the moral going into the off season.

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Sorry HB but I have to take exception that we couldn't win without Shepard and Blackburn.  Even though neither of them had much of a game against Rutgers we could have or should have won the game.  We still have 3 healthy forwards.

Good luck with that

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Here's the criteria for us to get invited. Minnesota, if they don't get picked for the NCAA will have the B1G automatic bid, Iowa would be the second B1G automatic pick should Minny make the NCAA. Nebraska, Rutgers, Northwestern and maybe Purdue all have a chance to be picked as one of the at large 32 bids. 



The WNIT understands many schools interested in hosting cannot hold their facilities for the entirety of the tournament, but if teams choose to hold one or two dates open in each round, along with the championship date, that helps those schools to be considered as host sites. Please note: A school’s ability and/or desire to host games in the Postseason WNIT has absolutely no bearing on being selected for the tournament. 

Selecting Teams
The 2016 Postseason WNIT field will consist of 32 automatic berths – one from each conference – and 32 at-large teams. The intention of the WNIT Selection Committee is to select the 32 best available at-large teams in the nation. 

Automatic Berths
A team offered an automatic berth by the WNIT shall be the team that is a.) the highest-finishing team in its conference’s regular-season standings, and b.) is not selected for the NCAA Tournament. A team that fulfills these qualities will earn the WNIT automatic berth for its respective conference, regardless of overall record. 

At-large Berths
The remaining 32 berths in the Postseason WNIT will be filled by the best teams available. All Division I teams are eligible for consideration. Any team considered for an at-large berth must have an overall record of .500 or better. Overall record includes conference tournament games.

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In the past teams were seeded geographically. They look at attendance first and foremost. They favor teams that have good attendance figures throughout the season. So we would have a pretty good chance of hosting should the Huskers get in. Hopefully PBR has open dates to accommodate games should they want NU to host. 

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here is a link to the WNIT web site. Also has anyone bought tickets to the WNIT? I seen today where you can reserve your seats as a season ticket holder on Huskers.com. I have been waiting for an e mail telling me when they went on sale.



Yes, I ordered mine. 


I guess I didn't except to find them on Huskers.com without notification.

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