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Central Michigan tidbits

Norm Peterson

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I don't do the HHCC anymore because seemed like I always would forget to post a score at a critical time and get bumped out at about the time I was making a run. Nevertheless, I enjoy readying everyone's predictions. This Central Michigan HHCC has me a bit confused, though. Some peeps seem to be expecting a close fight, probably based in no small part on how we compare to the rest of the B1G this year. Perhaps not based on how we compare to Central Michigan.

But let's look at Central Michigan a bit, shall we? They've played some decent teams. And lost to them. Their best win is at Pepperdine and they have a couple of 2 point wins over nobodies at home.

They start 1 senior, 1 sophomore and 3 true freshmen. The four underclassmen starters were zero-star recruits per Rivals. And only the senior averages double figures in scoring.

Their tallest starters are a 6'8" true freshman who weighs in at 210# and a 6'7" true freshman who tips the scales a hair over 200#. That's David Rivers' size. (Except David was a Rivals 3-star -- their guy had zero stars.) The third true freshman starter is a 6'0" point guard who averages about 6.6 points and 4.6 assists in 25 minutes per game. The 6'8" kid is also a good perimeter shooter at about 46%, so give 'em credit for those things.

No matter what you think of our team, though, good grief we should be better than them. We should win comfortably. I'm curious why those of you who are predicting a close game are thinking it'll be so close. We're going to be significantly more experienced with 3 senior starters; we'll have played a much tougher group of teams; we'll certainly have a lot more size than they will; my gut says we'll be more athletic; and we should be more skilled virtually across the board.

AND, this Husker team is pissed off that they almost pissed away a win against Jacksonville State.

I say look for the Huskers to come out very strong and try to put this Central Michigan team away the way they should have finished the last one.

Go Huskers!

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Dave, when these guys left the floor after the JSU game, it was the most displeased group I can recall seeing after a win maybe ever. They were not satisfied with the way they performed. I'll be surprised if they don't come back the next game with a vengeance. You gave them an "F" for that performance after saying you're grading on a sliding scale, which I take to mean you think we played extremely poorly that game for what you would expect out of this group. That suggests to me that if they only just bring their "B" game, they win against JSU going away. So, how Central Michigan compares to JSU is probaly not going to be relevant.

I would expect a determined Husker squad against Central Michigan.

On paper, we're better than this team: We have more experience; we have more highly rated players; we're bigger and taller and probably more athletic. We should win this going away. I sure don't think it should be close.

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As long as our D shows up and plays for 40 minutes we should be ok. I think on the Offensive end we will start out a little slow due to the fact that it is a new gym. Then if we have a sizeable 10-15 point lead, I think we start to think a bit about the UTEP game the next day instead of finishing this one.

**We beat UTEP the next day*** (Hey if I predict everything right above, may as well predict the next game :) )

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