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Scouting Penn St

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Penn St started off 12-1 against so-so competition and followed that up going 2-8 in the conference.

They're 2-2 at home and 0-4 on the road in conference play

In conference games where they held opponents under .90 Point per possession, they are 2-1. They're 0-7 in the other conference games


They're one of the faster paced teams in the conference and probably will speed us up with a press at points.  They don't run a lot of zone but they will show it against us. If we show a little success they will be quick to abandon as it's not that successful.


Our offenses are quite similar in style and statistics. Penn St also doesn't generate many assists..It's is very possible they would be slowed by zone as well. They also are a try to love the rim, like the 3...which they are so-so at making.


Both teams are a little sloppy with the ball and there will be plenty of fouls on both side.

The Huskers offense isn't as good but their defense is superior


DJ Newbill can score from anywhere. Our best bet is to turn him into a 3 pt shooter which hasn't been his strong point in conference play. He has about as many FT attempts in conference as the rest of the team put together. He also leads the team in assists, much like TP. Shep Garner and Brandon Taylor are the other 3 pt shooting.  After Newbill it's tough to nail down a second person to shut down.

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