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On 6/27/2019 at 8:46 AM, hhcmatt said:

You can under advanced search


Yeah, I've tried that. Unless I'm missing something (some other "advanced search", a setting to be checked, a search operator to use, etc), it won't produce the desired results.


See below. In doing a search for "2019" and "hhcc1819", it should produce zero results, since no thread has been (not that I can tell) tagged with both tags. Instead, it will pull up results for BOTH threads that are tagged "2019" OR "hhcc1819". So if you were to search recruit threads for the tags "2021" and "PF", it would bring back all the results that contain either tag, and you wouldn't find just the threads for 2021 PFs.







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32 minutes ago, colhusker said:

Do most of these threads get unpinned soon?


I was gonna ask that same thing, but thought maybe that will happen once school starts and everyone is on campus and accounted for...

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