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HHC Chat w/ Tunnel Walk of Shame

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For those of you who are not familiar, there is this blog/tumblr by the name of the Tunnel Walk of Shame (TWOS) that for the last couple of years has been lampooning the Husker football team. You can see his work here

On February 19, 2014 he made the following tweet (three days after we beat Michigan St on the road)

As a man of his word, he's followed through and I'm sure we'll see the comic appear at 8 am. We'll have to find out if he thought at the time he would spend his free time searching for Mike Peltz on the internet for hours.

The semi-mysterious TWOS will be stopping by at some point Wednesday morning/afternoon to answer/mock/ignore all your questions so fire away.


Click here to view the article

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Hey guys! This is TWOS. Happy to chat some Nebrasketball. The new comic will be posted in the a.m., as the godfather noted above (I don't know if he has a real name but I talk to him on Twitter sometimes and he seems nice).


I'll drop a link to the comic in the morning and, depending on work schedule, be around throughout the day to chat. I look forward to it.

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Very excited for it love the comic. I will get mine out there now just in case I miss you. Obviously we see you converse with Kenny Bell often. Who are some of the people whom have either followed your twitter or actually contacted you in some fashion that you never would've expected.


Thanks, man. 

I can't begin to tell you how many funny conversations and interactions I've had from TWOS. Kenny Bell has been great, and Faux Pelini, who I talk to sometimes. Even just the media guys, those are great.


I don't really get too starstruck by any of that (EXCEPT KENNY BELL), so what's really been cool for me is just talking to other Husker fans who love all this as much as I do, and getting to have a little community with them around my work. I didn't expect this thing to get where it got, so it's been really cool to have a lot of good fans to meet and talk to about it.

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What ended up on the cutting room floor?

Noticed that the Husker players in robes didn't make the cut


Yeah, I love that picture, but honestly the more specific a picture is, the harder it becomes to work into a comic. I have to build a story leading to one visual punchline, and it risks feeling forced sometimes.


I had about 8 pages of total material, cut down to just over 5. That's the usual process for me - I write a lot, then try to only keep the stuff that keeps making me laugh. I end up reading each comic about 100 times, so that's kind of my stress-test for it.

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Every time I hear Harriman on the radio I spend at least 5 minutes trying to speak in an Australian accent so I find the concept of Miles continuously doing so to be hilarious.


For reference, here is an interview he did with Mike Welch yesterday



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