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Scouting Baylor

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So many threads, rightfully so, jacked about us making it but let's get down to business. Who has seen a lot or baylor this year? I admittently haven't. A quick online search led to these thoughts/stats:

At one point lost 7 out of 8 in conference, besides that, they are something like 23-4 on the year? Not sure exactly on record. They have quality wins on the road and are obviously playing well (won 10 of 12).

Defensively, lots of talk about the 1-3-1 and their length and athletiscm... They have one shot blocker, Austin, who was top 10 nationally at 3+Per game. Also lots of talk about their inability to defend the 3, which could be good or bad as we can kill it or really struggle from deep.

Offensively, they have 4 dudes between 10 & 13 ppg... I'm sure must of you , like me, have heard of Brady Heslip. He can stroke it from 3, well over. 40% and shoots 7 or so a game. The two big guys score in different ways and will be a difficult play for us inside. Other than Heslip, it seems like a lot of driving and slashing with athletic wings and bigs.

Any other input? Insight??

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1-3-1 has long rotations - perfect for the skip and drive into the gap at the elbow.

My favorite zone to run picks against. 1-3-1 asks the backside wing to cover a lot of ground.

So it sounds like Shavon and Terran could have a lot of success if they draw up the right plays? They both have pretty good elbow jumpers.

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Good news is the ink shouldn't be dry yet on Iowa State's scouting report about Baylor from the Big XII title game - how quickly do you suppose Coach Miles texted Doc to see if he'd do his old school a solid.  ;)


Also interesting - Iowa State is in San Antonio too, playing the late game Friday. Wonder if Doc will get a chance to stop by NU's shoot around or stop at the arena and catch some of the game Friday morning? 


Two teams that had very similar work in February and March, with strong finishes to the season. Both also had the same record vs Top 25 RPI teams.


Baylor versus Nebraska

3-7......T25 RPI......3-7

10-9....T50 RPI......4-7



Best Wins

Baylor: 74-61 home vs Iowa St, 67-62 home vs Kentucky, 78-73 neutral vs Oklahoma

Nebraska: 77-68 home vs Wisconsin, 60-51 at Mich St, 68-62 home vs Ohio St


Worst Losses

Baylor: 82-72 at Texas Tech, 66-64 home vs W Virginia (both losses came before Feb. 1)

Nebraska: 87-74 neutral vs UAB, 70-64 at Purdue, 58-54 at Penn State (all losses came before Feb. 1)



Baylor: 9-9, 6th in Big XII

Nebraska: 11-7, 4th in Big Ten



Baylor: Has won 10 of its last 12, including wins over #3, #5, and #7 NCAA seeds

Nebraska: Has won 10 of its last 13, including wins over #2 and #4 NCAA seeds


No common opponents


Last meeting: Feb. 9, 2011, at Baylor 74, Nebraska 70


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As Heslip goes, so goes Baylor if you ask me.  We're going to need a cold shooting night from him in order to win this one.


Sounds like a job for...SUPER Benny!


I think Benny will be a key part to the way this game ends up. Heslip is slowwww and does not play good defense at all. In fact, if we force Baylor to go man because of hot 3 point shooting, it is hard for them to keep Brady in the game. And their 1-3-1 defense is more of a 1-1-3 which turns into a form of a 2-3. Basically daring us to make the 3.

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We can win this game if we're patient and we can get a little outside support. I think Walt is the wild card in this game. If he can drag a big or two out to guard him at the perimeter, that should open some space to drive. I think Walt will be the difference maker in this one.

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Bored? Here are a couple Baylor games to watch if you want a bit of scouting. 


Also, most of their games are on ESPN3 I'm sure, so you can probably catch a few games on that website. 


Anything stick out to you?



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We have a very nice chance in this game. If we hold true to form, we'll be pretty aggressive coming out of a bad loss. And if we're aggressive, and the game is called well, we should win.

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One thing to think about:


If Baylor had lost in the first round of the Big XII tourney like we did, they'd have been a 9 or 10 seed


If NU had gone on a B1G tourney run like Baylor did, we'd have been a 7 or 8 seed


Based on the regular season, not much difference between NU and BU.

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Baylor (#31) KenPom rundown 3-17-14.



Non-Conference (12-1):

---American Airlines Center, Dallas TX---

64. Colorado - W (72-60)

121. South Carolina - W (66-64)
115. Louisiana Lafayette - W (87-68)

242. Charleston Southern - W (69-64)


---EA Sports Maui Invitational---

n/a. Chaminade - W (93-77)

53. Dayton - W (67-66)

15. Syracuse - L (67-74)


n/a. Hardin-Simmons - W (104-59)

---AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX---
17. Kentucky - W (67-62)


167. Northwestern State - W (91-84 OT)
202. Southern - W (81-56)
189. Oral Roberts - W (81-55)

278. Savannah State - W (80-50)


Big XII (9-9):

23. @Iowa State - L (72-87)

231. TCU - W (88-62)

84. @Texas Tech - L (72-82)

29. Oklahoma - L (64-66)

9. @Kansas - L (68-78)

39. Texas - L (60-74)

65. West Virginia - L (64-66)

22. @Oklahoma State - W (76-70)

9. Kansas - L (52-69)

29. @Oklahoma - L (72-88)

231. @TCU - W (91-58)

44. Kansas State - W (87-73 2OT)

22. Oklahoma State - W (70-64 OT)

65. @West Virginia - W (88-75)

39. @Texas - L (69-74)

84. Texas Tech - W (59-49)

23. Iowa State - W (74-61)

44. @Kansas State - W (76-74)


---Phillips 66 Big XII Championship---

231. TCU - W (76-68)

29. Oklahoma - W (78-73)

39. Texas - W (86-69)

23. Iowa State - L (65-74)

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