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Hey guys, so this was really bothering me so i thought I'd get a topic for it.


The goons over at espn are making a huge deal about one of the best traditions in college basketball, the court storming. This has been mainly due to the clashes there were with the students and NMSU players a while back as well as the overeagerness of fans to rush the court, even for not that big of upsets. They are calling for a system of fines, and many coaches and colleges are trying to set up a way to discourage it.

While there is a big problem in the lack of control over having the students rush too early and hurt people, I think it is part of the sport and people take a risk coming out in the first place. Probably one of the best traditions around and I hope I can actually get to do it someday. (as a senior, I hope that is this sunday ;) )

Thoughts? what should the policy be? It's ridiculous that they are even considering cutting it all off because of a couple of idiots.

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Consider me an old fogey and a hypocrite because I was on the mid-court logo after Jamar Johnson's shot, but ever since this I've got no stomach for court storming




"In the euphoria after Kay's two-handed breakaway dunk helped clinch a rivalry victory for Tucson High in Feb. 2004, an avalanche of students spilled onto the floor and Kay somehow got thrown to the ground in the crush. None of the 6-foot-6 senior's peers realized he was hurt until he staggered out of the pile dazed and unable to respond to simple questions or properly move his right arm or leg.


The torn carotid artery and stroke Kay suffered that day left him paralyzed on one side and robbed him of many of the gifts that enabled him to become the valedictorian of his class, win awards for his saxophone skills and earn a volleyball scholarship to Stanford."


"I don't really like to dwell on my injury," Kay said. "The past 10 years, I've tried to move past my injury and embrace my current life. I can walk. I can slowly jog. I can move my right arm but I can't use my right hand. I have a semi-physically active life, but nothing like what I used to be able to do. I haven't played volleyball since."


College students are creative, and many want to make their mark by developing new traditions, so put yourminds to it and come up with something to replace court-storming, goal post pull downs, and that stupid gatorade bucket to the head. 

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I'm about as big of a fan of court-storming as I am of the Gatorade dump on coaches, i.e., I'm not a fan.  That said, I think the safety issues are overblown.

Storming the court should be reserved for once-in-a-decade type victories in terms of significance.  Apparently, we have had a dozen decades pass by in the last 10 years.

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