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BTN Sign Ideas?

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Take a look at their note below the picture:


"Have they done enough? Not according to the experts, who think the Huskers might need to win out and take a game or two in the NCAA tournament."


Sure, they might have meant "Big Ten tournament", but I'll take a "game or two" in the NCAA tournament!



Why do "experts" assume Nebraska needs to be perfect down the stretch???  I don't hear them say that about Georgetown, for instance.  It's the committee that will be impressed by the quality of play by the Big Red, anyways!!


Too bad the picture makes it look like there's nobody at the game... must have been taken after the under-4 timeout.



Yeah this was pretty late in the broadcast.  


That picture was taken before the game.


That makes even more sense why no ones around. Thanks for the info!

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On 2/23/2014 at 7:52 PM, dskurz said:



Neat!  Thanks for sharing!  Again, this picture was taken 20 min before the game.  Thanks for sharing dskurz.  And a big thanks again to AuroranHusker for thinking up the sign!  The BTN crew saw it immediately and filmed it within 1 min of us walking in.  My son had a blast and I feel like that was HHC board effort!

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1 hour ago, Neebrasketball said:

It's been in storage for 4 years...but the sign is heading to Lincoln tonight!  My son, who is now 13, is going for probably the final time this year so it is time!




I vividly recall your plea for assistance:






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6 hours ago, Neebrasketball said:
Yes Auroran, you had the winning design (not sure what you won...I owe you a beer)!  You going tonight?


Sorry, just saw this. Love that you guys kept the BTN sign these past few sorry seasons for this very moment. That's awesome.


Edited by AuroranHusker

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