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Game Day Essentials: Game #15 vs Michigan

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Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-6) vs Michigan Wolverines (10-4)

Location: Pinnicle Bank Arena
Date: Thursday, Jan 9, 2014
Time: 8 pm, CST


Radio: Across the state on the IMG Husker Sports Radio Network, including KLIN (1400 AM/94.5 FM) in Lincoln, KFAB (1110 AM) in Omaha and KRVN (880 AM) in Lexington.
Play-by-play: Kent Pavelka; Color: Matt Davison

Kent Pavelka Tailgate Pump up Mix


Michigan Info

Head Coach: John Beilein
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Conference: B1G 10
Nickname: Wolverines
Mascots: None
Last time out: Destroyed Northwestern
Typical Rotation Depth: 8 players
Line:  Michigan by 4
Offense: Love the 3
Tempo: Slow
Fun Fact: Michigan forward Glenn Robinson III is the son of former first round draft pick and Purdue forward Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson Jr.
Fun Fact: 3 of Michigan's 4 losses have been to Duke, Arizona, and Iowa State who have a combined 41-3 record

Possible Starters


0 Tai Webster 6-4 194 Fr
15 Ray Gallegos 6-2 182 Sr
5 Terran Petteway 6-6 209 Jr
31 Shavon Shields 6-7 219 So

21 Leslee Smith 6-8 255 Jr


10 Derrick Walton 6-1 185 Fr
11 Nik Stauskas 6-6 205 So
23 Caris LeVert 6-6 200 So
1 Glenn Robinson 6-6 220 So
52 Jordan Morgan 6-8 250 Sr

The Skinny

This the game for all those turds out there who think we should play Creighton twice this year. Tim Miles touched on it somewhere, but statistically the Wolverines are a lot like the Bluejays in that their offense revolves around them shooting a ton of threes and being pretty good at it. Unless you're a 250 center in a platoon to replace Mitch McGary, the Huskers should expect you to shoot a 3. Additionally, Michigan doesn't turn the ball over much and doesn't draw much contact on either end. In their only loss to a sub 100 KenPom team, the Wolverines shot 22% from 3pt range and 38% from the 2. It might take an off shooting night for the Huskers to have a chance to win.

Speaking of off shooting/scoring nights, that would describe the Huskers for the last 3 games though the road and defense of those teams played a big role. The Huskers haven't scored over 60 since Christmas and finishing around the rim has been a huge problem as layups are bouncing funny or blocked and even a could of dunks have been rejected by the rim. Michigan with their lack of blocks and contact on defense plus the home court could be just want the good people of Lincoln need besides the sub-zero temperatures to fuel their free Runza lust. Time for Petteway, Biggs, Webster, and company to attack the rim.

Look for Leslie Smith to get the nod again to start as Tim Miles will try to start the game with defense as opposed to the offensive mismatch that is Walter Pitchford and trying to keep Michigan's offense out of rhythm is the name of the game here.
Look for the Nebraska offense to get back on track and for this to be a close game. If Nebraska has a lead near the end of the game can they close it out?

Prediction: Nebraska 70 - Michigan 67 with a 43% chance of Runzas

Click here to view the article

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First conference home game of the year...I even proof-read this thing so up to 50% less mistakes!

Fewer.  Fifty percent fewer mistakes.  Not less.  Just sayin.  (Of course, you said "up to" which means it could be less than 50% fewer mistakes.)


I was going to say that!  :)

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Hopefully Smith can hurt their undersized bigs down low early in the game. Smith will be challenged by UM's bigs and their ability to run the floor though - against NW, Michigan really blew that game open with its ability in transition, and those bigs can really get up and down.


NU will have to be much better than they were at OSU in terms of preventing transition scoring. The good news is NU has done that very well at home so far this season, much more consistently than they've done it on the road. UM will present a significant challenge though.


With NU having not played at home in almost 3 weeks & with this being the biggest game to date in PBA, it should be a great atmosphere Thursday.

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First conference home game of the year...I even proof-read this thing so up to 50% less mistakes!

Fewer.  Fifty percent fewer mistakes.  Not less.  Just sayin.  (Of course, you said "up to" which means it could be less than 50% fewer mistakes.)



I no prove read comets

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Catch the entire Tim Miles show http://www.huskers.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?id=3156352&db_oem_id=100


Miles takes and answers a Surge question!


That's a good press conference; thanks for posting, Dimes.  I didn't hear one "again". 


Good discussion of Serge and Ray, reasons for various things.  Miles doesn't just mail these things in.  Candid and informative. 

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Hopefully this doesn't cause us to become too passive on defense.



OK, what am I missing here--how do these quotes have anything to do with passivity on defense?  Starting lineups and trying to get more post feeds on offense can affect defensive intensity? 

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