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11/21/2013 - UMass Report Card

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*** NOTE *** I watched the game, in entirety, this morning, but had to leave for work right when it ended. Thus, me just now getting around to this. Also, haven't had a chance to read anything else on the board yet, so sorry if I repeat stuff already discussed.




For some reason, it feels dirty to give the Huskers an "A" on offense, even though the RESULTS are 90 points against a very good basketball team and obviously, that's "A" material.


It just felt like there were some bad shots taken, especially in the first half, and shots that the majority of nights, aren't going to go down. The Huskers also struggled on FREE THROWS FREE THROWS and FREE THROWS in the first half (66%, leaving six points at the line) but in the second half, recovered well (17-21, or 81%). That put NU at 74% for the night, but still, the Huskers left a total of ten points at the line (29-39). That was easily the difference in the game (amongst many other things, too).


Our Player of the Game started off in very inauspicious form, forcing some bad shots and playing questionable defense, but finished strong after the initial few minutes. Congratulations to Terran Pettaway on scoring a career high 28 points, including 11-12 from the line.




Completely horrendous defense. God awful. I don't care if we had half of our team out of the game on B.S. foul calls (and there were a lot). For the first ten minutes of the second half, it was the same play, over and over, with the same result - layup or on the rare miss, layup off of the miss. AWFUL defense. The zone was a complete train wreck and I have never understood why Nebraska's last several coaches refuse to even work on it much, based on the lack of athleticism/talent NU has had in the last decade compared to other clubs. Think back to the last three coaches - all hated zone and their teams were AWFUL when they did play it. Why not practice it and be more competent at it when you know you're going to need it? Especially with Miles continually saying "We are one big short." If you know this, WORK ON IT.


This part could go in coaching, but that frustrated me.


Bad officiating or not, Nebraska's defense was embarrassing. Without re-watching, I believe NU got exactly THREE stops in the first ten minutes of the second half. That's truly pathetic.


96 points allowed. 50% from the field allowed. And 43 foul shot attempts allowed.


Just to note my obsession with foul shots - had UMass not shot 77%, and instead, shot 70%, NU wins this game. Such an important stat.




The only reason this isn't an "F" is because Nebraska did grab 18 offensive boards of their own (while UMass had 17). Overall, the Minuteman out boarded the 'Skers 42-37 (though NU missed many more shots than UMass).


BIG SHOUT to Leslee Smith for doing a really nice job today - he's the runner up for Player of the Game, as he finished with 10 boards (to go along with 12 points). That was nice to see.

Walter Pitchford was a complete nonfactor, bad foul calls or no. We need a lot more out of him. 5 points and 2 rebounds in 13 minutes aint gonna win us any big games this year.




13 turnovers versus 6 assists is not good, but not as bad as it sounds, since Petteway scored so many points and pretty much all of them came off of individual takes. Also, NU had several points off of the offensive glass.


Still, that's not a great stat, though 13 turnovers isn't awful.




I saw no adjustments defensively. I saw a team shot the "last shot of the half" way too damn early and cost themselves two key points off of a foul by Mike Peltz as a result (foul on the rebound). I saw no discipline in the team early and questionable energy the first five minutes. I also noted above about the zone.


Am I being too hard on Coach? Probably.


But am I too high on him sometimes, too? Probably.


So it evens out.


Miles is still my man crush and hero, but today was not one of his finer moments.




Nebraska played badly for the majority of this game - though to their credit, they came back admirably and just about damn near won.


Were they screwed by the refs? Absolutely. I have no idea how Coach Miles didn't blow a gasket.


But they played AWFUL defense. They didn't rebound well. They fouled way too much and were in foul trouble all night. And they missed open layups down the stretch and free throws early in the game.


I was overall pleased with how this game ended - had they been blown out or lost by 10+, I wouldn't be near as kind. I liked the resiliency and how they competed.


Let's get a win tomorrow - can't afford to drop the first two.


P.S. Did anyone else get annoyed as hell with the main announcer for this one? The play by play guy? And how he'd say "UMass?" He said it so damn annoying. It wasn't "YOU-MASS". It was like "YU-MASS". He emphasized it wrong. Was it just me?






Terran Petteway - 2


Tai Webster - 1


Shavon Shields - 1

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my head may explode if they can't do better on the free throw line.  Inexcusable to shoot that poorly at this level by the guards.  Quit driving the middle and getting fouled if you can't finish the shot and 1 or make the 2 FT's.  I did love it that they never quit and played until the end.  Love this team and can't wait to see it develop.

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