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Florida A&M (0-1) vs. Nebraska (1-0) Game Thread

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11 hours ago, basketballjones said:

With 1.5 starters out and a ref who was determined to call the most player control fouls a man can call. 


Second half, I was shocked they let Josiah Allick get away with the craziest, most obvious clear-out to allow JL a lane to the hoop. It was like he was trying to hold back the paparazzi from getting to the red carpet at the Oscars or something. He probably had his arms and body on three different FAMU players at the same time pushing them away from the bucket.


But it worked. And they didn't call it so it must have been OK.

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12 hours ago, Nighthawk said:

On the plus side.  Coach said that Keisei would return to action Monday.  


He said they hoped to get Keisei back on Monday.  He probably will be back but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

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