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2023-2024 KenPom Rankings Thread


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I think I mentioned this previously but we have leap-frogged Indiana and Northwestern so we are more middle of the pack now than ever in the Hoiberg era.  Ken has also upgraded out predicted record to 19-12 (10-10).  San José State hasn't played this week so their ranking holds steady at #144.




KenPom rankings as of 11-16-23



B1G (0-0):
1. Purdue
23. Michigan
29. Illinois
32. Michigan State
33. Wisconsin
39. Iowa
46. Maryland
49. Ohio State
54. Nebraska
59. Northwestern
61. Indiana
71. Rutgers
81. Penn State
101. Minnesota



Non-Conference (4-0):
354. Lindenwood - W

343. Florida A&M - W

---Cornhusker Classic---
232. Rider - W
297. Stony Brook - W

---Sanford Pentagon---
172. Oregon State


---Cornhusker Classic---

84. Duquesne


188. Cal State Fullerton

11. Creighton
41. @Kansas State
250. North Dakota

341. South Carolina State

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And Tim Miles' San Jose State Spartans up to 136 after dropping a rough loss to Abilene Christian but then drilling Norfolk State by 24. The Abilene loss dropped them from the 140s to 160 even, and then the Norfolk St win bumped them all the way to 136. I'm curious if they got any higher than that last season.

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