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OT Red Way Airlines

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We made the decision to book with Redway and try to support local business.  Unfortunately we were affected by the cancellation.  I’m not upset about that part— I knew going in that it could be rocky.  We ended up being able to rebook out of KC and it was a little more than RW, but not terrible.


However, we’ve yet to receive our refund.  The original email said by the end of the week that they announced closure.  I called Lincoln airport and was told to email the Red Way email.  I got some automated reply about how we’ll get a refund soon.  I’ve heard nothing.

Is anyone else in this same boat?  If you did get your refund, did you have to do anything special?


Feel free to message me on here if you don’t want to post in the thread.  I’ll delete this thread so it doesn’t clog things up in a week or so, but just really stumped at this point and wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat.

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Thanks for the replies!  I do feel they’ll refund everyone, but it’s annoying it hasn’t happened yet.


Looking on social media, it appears some have and some have not.  There’s no good phone number for them anymore and they send the same standard email reply.


I’ll give it another week or two and try again I guess.

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