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Matar Diop is N

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1 hour ago, jimmykc said:

Does anyone know whether his name is pronounced "May-tar", " Matt-tar",or "Mott-tar"?


He says it himself in a video linked on page 1 of this thread: "Ma-tar" if i'm hearing it correctly

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Considering the current glut of guys we potentially have graduating in 2024-25 I wonder if we make this pickup if WB is still on the roster as that would have just left us with one scholarship for 2024-25.  I suspect we still take Diop but it's certainly becomes a debate first.



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2 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

I don't know how good his shooting touch is, but it looks like his mechanics are solid, so at least there are no big red flags that he's going to be a terrible FT shooter like our old friend Yvan.


You go 1 for 9 from the line in an overtime loss, and that's all that some people remember about you...

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