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Mount Rushmore

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This board's been quiet lately so I'm gonna pose a question. What is your Mount Rushmore of the least talked about but best moments of Husker Basketball in the last 20 years? From the perspective of the amount of emotion you felt when it happened, regardless of where you were. For me this is what I can think of:


1. Steve Harley finding Ade Dagunduro for the game-winning lay up against Creighton in 2008

2. Jamel White with the put-back dagger against Oklahoma State in 2006

3. Charles Richardson Jr vs Texas Tech as time expires at Texas Tech in 2008

4. Joe McCray putting up 23 against Arkansas Pine Bluff in his debut (because of the great false hope this gave at the time)


Nothing came of these moments but still great to think back on

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These aren't all moments per-se, but underrated memories of my time watching Nebrasketball...

  • The first play that comes to mind is Nana Akenten diving on the floor for a loose ball, causing the already juiced-up crowd to erupt in NU's 2019 home win over CU.
  • Everything about watching the 2009 Doc Sadler team of mighty mites play. I've never seen a team play harder to make itself competitive every night despite such a glaring size disadvantage.
  • Chucky Hepburn missing the attempt at a hero-ball game winner this year was nice.  It was obvious he wanted so badly to stick it to the fans, and he failed miserably, which brought me great joy.
  • Mikki Moore dunks...all of them. Watching his high-flying dunks from the student section played a huge role in me becoming the Nebrasketball die hard I am to this day.

Extra Credit: The Andre Almedia Experience. "The Brazilian Steakhouse" was just a fun "what-if" character in the NU hoops story. 


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Just off the top of my head: 1. Bobby Moore hitting a half-court shot at the buzzer to beat KU at BDSC(1/27/79) 2. Tom Wald hitting three clutch free throws at the end of a game against Michigan State for a victory(12/10/94). 3. Ronnie Smith hitting a game winner in Manhattan (2/4/84) to win a day game there. (I had to look up the dates-I usually have enough trouble remembering today's date)

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