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12 basketball teams make it to the Olympics. I didn't realize the importance of this tournament in that regard until today.

7 teams from this tournament will make the Olympics based on their standings for their region.

(France is in automatically because they are the host and the other 4 teams will be chosen from a 40 team qualifying tournament in 2024)


The Americas and Europe get two entries.

Africa, Asia, and Oceanna get 1 entry each.


Thus while Japan is in the 'losers bracket' of this tournament, so are all the other countries in the Asia region. Their comeback win over Finland has put them into the driver's seat for qualifying for the Olymipics




Current standings for Asia

Japan - 2-2, -19 +/-

China - 1-3, -73 +/-

Lebanon 1-3, -90 +/-

Philippines 0-4, -42 +/-

Iran 0-4, -90 +/-

Jordan 0-4, -93 +/-


If I understand this correctly, all these teams play one more game and Japan clinches the spot with a win else with a loss they just need a better +/- than China or Lebanon.  Seems like they've essentially clinched.


Get ready for 5x5 Olympic basketball Keisei next year.

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