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March Madness 2023

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15 hours ago, hskr4life said:

Honestly, the biggest upset last night may have come in the NCAA Wrestling tournament where 3 time defending champion from Iowa got pinned in the semis.  Lol.  F Iowa.  Please enjoy this video of his mom.




That might be more embarrassing than a drunken liaison with a complete stranger in a men's room at the Metrodome


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11 minutes ago, Norm Peterson said:


Maryland lost. Had Maryland won, Houston would have been the only #1 seed left.


At the time I posted, Maryland had the lead. But got boatraced after that.

Yeah, I struggle with reading comprehension at times!  I was born close to the Iowa border and probably drank some of their water growing up.

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3 hours ago, roscoe said:

Would love to join that club someday.


I know some Purdue fans who are putting a lot of stock into repeating what Virginia did (win it all the next season after losing to a #16 seed). The others, however, aren't too hopeful of any semblance of a good season next year.

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And I want to put to rest that Nebraska has sole ownership of the 4+ minute scoring/fg drought. Listening to and watching games thru nearly the 1st 2 rounds it seems like every game I hear the announcer say that some team is experiencing a lengthy scoring drought.

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