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Nebraska @ the Cambria College Classic Game Thread

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2 hours ago, hskr4life said:

LOL I was looking at the single game stats I think.  Not yearly

We are at .980 fielding %.  We keep fielding and throwing strikes, we're set up to have a great year.  Especially,  with the bats we have.

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Well, disappointing way to end a great weekend. Time to let the freshman Clark work out the kinks against lesser mid-week foes and give Garza the ball on Sundays. 


To go 5-4-1 through the first three road trips is a very nice start, better than I expected. I think with our offense and our Friday / Saturday starters, we'll be a factor in the B1G race. Kind of unfortunate that we have to play both Maryland and Iowa on the road, but that's just the beauty of this horrible unbalanced schedule. Adding UCLA & USC may fix some of that, if they do the schedule right.


Still need more guys to step up and throw strikes consistently out of the bullpen, as we're a little thin there. It will help to get some of those guys work against lesser opponents the next couple of weeks. I'd guess with our offense and bullpen inconsistencies there will be some wild back and forth finishes to games this season.


Time to rack up a lot of wins on this home stand. This is a part of the schedule we have to dominate to keep our RPI in reasonable territory. Hope the weather doesn't screw things up too much.


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Throw away that first inning blunder and we lose 6-5 today.  I'd have taken that.


Wind definitely got taken out of our sails after that first inning, but overall a successful weekend.  We can win the B1G or at least be a factor in the B1G.  A regional is a must this year.


Overall, not perfect, but a darn good weekend for the ol RPI.

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I honestly didn't see coming out of the weekend 2-1. Starting to get more optimistic about this team. Ready to freeze my butt off watching some home baseball. Love this time of year, second favorite tailgating.

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