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uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 15, ed 27: at Rutgers

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Just now, Nebrasketball1979 said:

The most satisfying part of that win is that it wasn't a fluke.  We won the first half and then dominated them the last 12 minutes of that 2nd half.  Great win

I love having the two highest point totals out of the four halves. 

So satisfying. 

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1 minute ago, aphilso1 said:

Recency biased complete overreaction: this was Hoiberg’s best coached game since he arrived here. We are a team without a true point guard playing against a full court pressing top 5 defense. That is a recipe to get blown out. But he had this team incredibly well prepared.

It’s not even a question. 

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8 minutes ago, The Polish Rifle said:

I felt the same after Wisconsin. I was sure prior to that game I had Hoiberg pegged and a lot of this board was wrong. Never felt so good to be wrong.


I've always seen Hoiberg at a 5-6 year type of tenure (it's been leaning much closer to 5 after the first 2 seasons), as treacherous as it's been, that chance for longevity is what we've lacked in our men's athletics as of late. But this doesn't understate how important next season is going to be. Any bit of step back next season is going to raise a lot of eyebrows. But between now and November, at least for me, there's no evaluation or criticisms. But starting in November we must start to see some results come to fruition. 

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1 minute ago, REDZONEDAN said:

I love this team.  I’m proud of this team.  To lose two starters.  To having a head coach potentially on the hot seat.  To have to rely on bench players stepping up.  To have a walk-on player providing more than meaningful minutes.  Even though we don’t have a winning record, I enjoy watching this team.  This team loves playing basketball.  They love playing for each other.  They love playing for the state of Nebraska.  Here’s to winning out at home and hopefully making the postseason. 🥂 

I think Fred was ON the hot seat...not probably on it 🤔

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