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Northwestern (12-5) vs. Nebraska (10-10) Game Thread

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3 minutes ago, Silverbacked1 said:

It ain’t over but it might be getting kind of fun in here


those that left might be embarrassed 

Had we had a pulse at all tonight, their legs seem to be gone we would be in good shape.  

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3 hours ago, jayschool said:

Had Chinese takeout tonight. Shrimp in lobster sauce with egg drop soup. 


The fortune cookie message: "Victory is just around the corner." Two of the lucky numbers were 62 and 61. 


So there.

I will be reporting this travesty to the Baltimore County Health Department.

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Call me crazy but I would be fine with Sam eating up whatever minutes Wilcher has left in him. 

I actually like the young guys. But, I’m not sure they are good enough to warrant giving Hoiberg another year. I don’t think there is any chance to turn this dumpster around. Trev might as well rip the bandaid off and find his own guy. 

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25 minutes ago, NUdiehard said:

Derrick Walker: 7 pts 4 RBs 5 TOs (29 min)


Sam Griesel: 8 pts 5 RBs 4 TOs (33 min)

Sam Hoiberg: 6 pts 6 RBs  0 TOs (17 min)


this was probably the main thing that got to me, referencing turnovers. Walker and Griesel tried fitting passes into small spaces quite a few times which led to turnovers damn near every time. Having 9 turnovers between the 2 seniors in the lineup can't happen. 

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Back home...well that was fun --- not.


Tominga had a good offensive game.  Struggled defensively.

CJ struggled in every aspect.  At times he looked lost.

DW didn't look to be 100%.  He certainly didn't perform at a high level either.  Nor did Sam G.  Sam H actually played pretty well as did Lawrence and Dawson.   WB meh.

We sorta showed up.  But mentally we were awol.  At one point we had 15 turnovers and 15 rebounds.  Sheesh.

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Can't give up 22 pts off turnovers and 16 second chance points - that is an utter disaster for the way this team is built. Those two numbers combined have to be closer to 15 total to give us a chance.


Not a surprise, but it's hard to see another win or two on the schedule without the rebounding and defense of Gary & Bandoumel. The freshmen played hard, but they just can't replace the experience we're now missing.


Have to find a way to not play Keisei & CJ at the same time. They kill us on the defensive end because they both need so much help on the drive and close out so poorly. Easier said than done when we have so few perimeter players left available.


Maybe we can do something going forward with that scrambling 1-3-1 zone we tried toward the end, but I fear our success was more that NW simply lost interest in the game by that point.


Going to be a looooong February. I don't envy Trev. As much as it seems he doesn't want to make a change here, it's going to be tough not to with the complete collapse that appears to be starting. It's too bad, because it felt like a few weeks ago that we were going to sneak out a few more nice wins. But those injuries are going to be far too much to overcome.


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