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Nebraska (9-8) vs. Purdue(15-1) Game Thread

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Walker may have just had the greatest 15-minute stretch to start a game for an individual Husker player ever. 


Scores 87% of our points and shuts out the potential national player of the year - all while keeping us within 6 against the #3 team in the country on the road, 21-15 at the 5-minute mark.


And Walker carried the offensive load when everyone in the building knew he was the only real offensive threat going. I think I've played on intramural teams at NU that had more offensive firepower than we put out there a few times.


Incredible first 15 minutes for a team as short handed as we are. Unfortunately those last 5 minutes were tough.


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29 minutes ago, millerhusker said:

Just play Lawrence the rest of this game. Eye test says he's one of our best ball handlers and shooters. Need to let him get into a rhythm. 

And just as he gets a few touches and starts to get into a rhythm... he gets subbed out. Not happy about that. He looks the part to me. More effective than CJ on both ends today in his limited minutes.

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